The List

I can be pretty poor getting things at actually getting things done, so I put together a list to keep me honest. It isn't exhaustive by any means but it'll do for now.

To Do: The Big Ass List


  • Learn to build a website (use weeblyy?)
  • Blog More.
  • Start writing to agents.
  • Find new Gaming Group (if that’s what I want) (Started)
  • Develop freelance work avenues
  • Look for more appropriate work
  • Explore PhD possibilities (doing - I'm currently reading stupid amounts of stuff about Gothic and Fairy Tale to get my proposal written).
  • eBay unwanted gaming books, books on sex, etc.
  • Sell comics
  • Work on networking skills etc
New Blogs

Birmingham – Start with the history, then move onto ‘what is Birmingham’ – framing the blog and what I want to do with it. Update: started

World Building Blog – Sharoban, maybe but with a stronger Russian style. Update: progressing.



Forest Brides: A short story collection rather than a novel, focusing on the doings of a group of women in a swords and sorcery setting, with non European stylings. 

(Bordertown Blues) Banshee’s Cry – Start collecting notes for it.

Make up a city? Is San Judas in the Bobby Dollar books a real place?


The Forest Walk – Changeling story/Lizard story set at a hotel in the country

The Lost Floor – A Planning academic discovers a strange anomaly in the work of a maverick architecture.

Missing floor that reveals dreadful secrets, I need to work out what that is.

Building Site Story – A firm of builders makes a sacrifice every time they put up a building.

Need to be careful with this – in real life insurance costs would probably make it impossible for the firm to continue to operate if the sacrifice is a matter of employees dying.

Manitou Story – A stranger comes to a dust bowl town in 1930s Kansas, bringing death and menace in his wake.

Things Left Behind – A funeral story, a man returns to the small village he grew up in to bury his father (a fisherman) and discovers his terrible secret – the affair he had with an alluring monster from the sea.

Inheritance – a girl inherits a wolf skin that’s been handed down through her family for centuries. She breaks down and discovers that the skin is a magical artefact, with the power to transform the wearer into a werewolf.

Strange Fruit – An excerpt from what will be the Bone Orchard, this is the story of what happens when someone eats the grave fruit. Do it as a historical piece perhaps, with the story adding into the orchard’s background.

Captured in Stone – Renaissance story about a sculptor who has the head of Medusa or a basilisk to aid his work

Tower Block Story 1 – a tower block in London is threatened by the spectre of the Battle of Britain. A team of psychic investigators are brought in to discover the source; uncovering a link to a man with Alzheimer’s and the shadowy creature that’s piggybacking on his memories.

Tower Block Story 2 – a boy has been kicked to death outside a tower block on a dodgy estate. Someone goes in to investigate, uncovering the presence of a demon in the tower block; Legion has returned.

Story ends with the protagonist being trapped in the tower, surrounded by kids in hoodies, the same vacant glare in their eyes.

Rushes – After a disastrous reality TV show ends in tragedy the camera person (in my head it’s a woman) is involved in the investigation into what happened, picking the scenes apart via the rushes.

Woodshed – finish this tiny piece

Other (large) Projects (Mostly Novels)

  • Fatal Thirst, Eternal Hunger and Repletion – The Tantalus Trilogy- this is currently on hold as its got too big and I don't have the skill to support it (yet).
  • Other People’s Words – Short Stories
  • Speak Easy Stories – 1920s New York Urban Fantasy
  • In the Garden of Snakes (trilogy) – Lair of Dragons, Serpents Cove
  • The Messiah Trilogy (Alien Messiah tracing the interactions of an alien Von Dankkeen style with three human women, the journalist, the agent and the believer).
  • Tribute of Ghosts – Carraddine.
  • The Ogre
  • The Puppeteer Trilogy – Pictish fantasy really.
  • The Crown of Clouds Trilogy – Asian fantasy
  • The Bone Orchard
  • The Tartarus Trilogy
  • Bordertown Blues novels (series – at least 5 books).
  • Jack in the Grey – Victorian Faerie novel focusing on the East End f Lonoonn
  • The Fear Project (creative non-ficttion focusing on the power of fear)
  • The sex book (creative non-fiction focusing on why we shy away from knowing how to be good at sex)
  • Tenth Muse – French Comics Primer
  • Horror Limericks (poetry collection)
  • Albion – near future Fascist Britain novel, teamed with ‘On the Fringe’, a creative non-fiction book about the political fringes in the UK and a book of poems.