Thursday, 28 January 2016


Hello, happy new year (rather late, I grant you).

I've not posted for a while, mostly because of anxiety and being stupidly busy with various things (or just too tired to do anything... it happens, sadly).

This year promises to be a little different, as I'm on a career break and am officially a kept man for the next twelve months. I'm spending my time researching my PhD subject, writing, baking and keeping house, as well as proofreading to earn a few shekels.

My Forest Brides short stories are nearly done, I'm just editing them; and I'm eyeing up the two novellas I have to write, because while I think I'd like to start up something fresh I'd also like to get the Forest Brides stuff put to bed before doing anything that's really, really new. That being said, I'm collecting new ideas for stories and really want to get on with a new novel.

So at present my days are largely reading, writing, and such like. And to be honest, it's pretty good. I'm conscious I'm not bringing in much money at the moment, but hopefully that'll change as things get bedded in (even though fiction pays notoriously badly). Stepping off the treadmill of life to an extent has been helpful; it's letting me work out what I want to do and whether my future plans have any real weight to them, or if they're just smoke and hot air.

There are few things I want to start doing soon, more exercise and getting to grips with meditating as a way to move beyond getting panicky and fucked up. Those are challenges for the next few months though, at present the goal is to stop planning and start doing, even if its in tiny increments. I hope the next year will be one of transformation, of growth and will land me on a PhD programme, with my first major publishing credit and actually getting somewhere with my life, rather than feeling all I do is drift and fail.

On the socialising front I'm focusing on board game, and am actually doing some roleplaying - running at least one session of Night's Black Agents (the game where burned spies hunt vampires). It should be fun and for the first time in a long time i'm looking forward to doing some gaming.