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101 Changeling: the Dreaming Story Seeds

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I've put together 101 Story Seeds for Changeling the Dreaming which is free to anyone to use for their Changeling Chronicles.. You can find it as a PDF download here:101 Changeling the Dreaming Story Seeds. I've detailed possible subplots for the game, the same as I did with Hellfrost. The thing I should say before you go a-scrolling, is that some of the plot lines are for adult gamers, be that because they deal with adult subjects or because they're the sort of things that are a bit more to do with planning and so on.

I'm planning to put together a Changeling micro setting, set at a campus university, please let know if that would be of interest.

Changeling the Dreaming, Kithain and other official game terms are copyright White Wolf Games (1995), while original characters are copyright of Steve Cotterill (2018) Permission is given to use original characters for home use.

101 Changeling the Dreaming Story Seeds

  1. Mean: Some of the Kithain are being bullied at school, can anything be done to stop it or must the Changelings accept that ‘the school of hard knocks’ is part of life?
    1. The ringleader, possibly without realising it, is one of the teachers who singles the bullied children out because they’re not conforming to what they expect to happen in the classroom.
    2. There’s a gang of ‘cool’ kids who are enforcing Banality by their actions and their way of sneering at anything that’s not ‘cool’.
  2. The Legacy: The PCs’ mentor has died, can they pick up her work and continue it?
    1. The work their mentor was involved with may damage the standing of the Freehold’s ruler. Can the PCs undertake it?
    2. They inherit their mentor’s Freehold, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Can they unravel its secrets?
  3. Tell Me About Your Mother: A mortal superior (parent, teacher, supervisor, etc) starts to make serious comments about one of the PCs needing therapy.
    1. The threat of child services as the evidence of how strange the PC starts to mount.
    2. The Careers Officer with the news that the characters can’t do what they want.
  4. The Grip of Power: The new ruler is a cruel, grasping figure, determined to make the most of their newfound power. When a new threat emerges as a result of their temperament will the PCs be able to do anything about it?
  5. To Curry Favour: To earn the court’s favour the PCs must undertake a quest to recover a long-lost treasure.
  6. Truth in Art: A mystery has stumped the local Kithain for a long time. An artist who was aware of them hid clues to a treasure inside his paintings. Can the PCs solve the puzzles and find out what they were left.
  7. Bad News: A herald for another court (or Court – in Seelie or Unseelie terms) has come to the domain and must be parleyed with or defeated in order to make sure that some unfortunate news doesn’t reach it’s intended, recipient.
  8. The Runaway: A child has run away. Fearing that she may be on the verge of saining the PCs have been sent after her to bring her back to safety.
  9. The Return: A defeated monster returns to plague the PCs once again.
  10. The Grimmest Duty: Playing in the traffic proves fatal for one young knight. The PCs have the grim duty or arranging the funeral and the wake.
    1. The knight was in battle, what happened to her opponent?
    2. Grimly, how much of the knight is actually left?
  11. Choices Choices: Two conflicting duties plague the Oathcircle/Motley. Can they find a way to shoulder both responsibilities?
    1. They must babysit a friend’s young children, and at the same time find something important out in the Chimerical World.
  12. The Intervention: One of the PCs’ families is worried about them, and takes steps to intervene before they ‘ruin their lives’.
  13. Pied Piper: The local court’s bard performs a version of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn a few nights ago. Now, a strange, and sinister,  figure is sneaking around with a pipe in his hand. When he plays children seem to go into a sort of trance. Can the PCs stop him abducting the local kids (and the Childling Changelings) before something horrible happens?
  14. The Test: A local noble has declared a test to decide who is worthy of earning a form of magic.
    1. The tests are of heart, mind, and soul. Some of them are ridiculously easy.
  15. Bad Seeds: A local family have rather publicly shut some ‘bad influences’ out of their children’s lives. As the kids are on the verge of waking as Changelings, those ‘influences’ were actually members of the local court, trying desperately to arrange Fosterage for the youngsters before the worst could happen.
  16. Nervosa: A new chimera has appeared in the neighbourhood, a creature of unease and fear. Can the PCs defeat it, and more importantly, can they solve the problems that created it in the first place?
  17. Things Happen in Threes: Suddenly everything (for good or bane) really does happen three times – why?
    1. Could it be to do with the gypsies camping on the heath?
  18. In Between the Words: The local bard has performed a tale, but some of the Kithain have a feeling something is missing. What’s been left out and why did the bard choose to edit the tale? The answer will lead to another adventure.
  19. The Invitation: The PCs are invited to a Childling’s birthday party, but have to make sure nobody else finds out about it (if anyone does, the characters’ invitation will catch fire and they won’t be able to find it). Unfortunately, someone really bad wants to crash the party and is trying to rough up anyone who’s got an invitation. Can the characters keep their invitation safe?
    1. The antagonist is a large, friendly, ‘Wendigo’ like chimera called Fuzzy Wuzzy Wurlie who used to be the Childling’s best friend, but has recently become estranged because someone asked, ‘aren’t you a bit old for imaginary friends?’ Now that it’s been turned loose it’s getting into bad habits because it needed the child to be its moral centre.
  20. Lost Lamb: Someone mortal has managed to crossover into the Dreaming. The PCs must rush to make sure they don’t stay there too long.
  21. Urban Renewal: An area where the children play, and where teenagers go to make out (and artists to draw, poets to write) and so on, is under threat from the local council because it wants to build a new office block on the site. Can the local Changelings intervene and stop the plans before an important source of Glamour vanishes?
  22. A Matter of Gold: A dragon has issued a demand for treasure, or it will burn the Freehold down. Can the PCs find a way to trick it, or kill it… or must the money be handed over?
  23. No Direction Home: Something’s gone wrong with a Trod and the PCs are lost in the Dreaming. Can they find their way home?
  24. The World Beyond: At the Doctor’s Surgery a child starts screaming about something nobody else can see. Can the PCs help? And what is the ‘green woman anyway’?
    1. At the same time, a witch with green skin (and some flying monkey chimerae) starts to plague the area. Why did the child find her scary to begin with?
  25. One Small Step for Man: The PCs wake as part of the explosion of Glamour caused by the 1969 moon landing.
    1. The Summer of Love sparks more Changelings and the Hippy movement brings about more Sainings
    2. Bad Trip: A Changeling’s soul perishes after they have a bad acid experience.
    3. More than simply the Sidhe have returned. What horrors lurked upon the moon?
    4. Atomic Nightmares stalk the land.
    5. San Francisco calls out to the Changelings as a nexus of Faerie magic.
    6. The last survivor of the Night of Iron Knives, rabble-rousing against the Sidhe from the underground. Radio Free Concordia?
  26. The Tome: There’s a rumour about a book of stories brimming with glamour and magic that’s appeared in the Freehold’s surrounding area. Can the PCs secure it for their court?
  27. Treasure in the Trash: A load of Glamour infused items have suddenly appeared after a child’s parents had a clear out of all their old stuff while they were at camp.
  28. Dark and Perilous: The PCs have to run an errand into a bad neighbourhood, one where fears and bad dreams run the roost, to say nothing of a Corby of Redcaps.
  29. Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou: A love dispute has broken out between two of the noble families, their youngest scions love each other but the match is disapproved of. Can the PCs find a balance before the Bard’s immortal play intrudes too far into the characters’ lives?
    1. A plague on you and both your houses – the aftermath of the adventure is that a rebellion takes place, or alternatively a small house war as the two houses go at it.
  30. The Wonder: A local Nocker wants to make a Wonder, it’s to be his last great treasure before he slips away into the Mists and his Changeling life is lost to him. Can the PCs help?
  31. Coming Home: A Changeling who vanished into the Dreaming many years ago returns, but are they the same person they were, or has their time away taken its toll?
  32. A Risky Game: The PCs are sent to an abandoned mall, which nature, and the Dreaming, are reclaiming. Watched by the local domains and Freeholds via the magic of the Duke’s flying eyeballs, they must play a game of Capture the Flag in the decaying building and uncover the secrets the old complex holds.
    1. Think Hunger Games, they have to survive on their wits against chimerical traps.
    2. Unknown to the ‘contestants’ there’s a monster hiding in the mall. This might be a chimerical monster, or a much more deadly sort, a human.
  33. The Assassin: An agent of the Monkey’s Paw has been sighted in the area. Who is his target and can the PCs save them?
  34. The Empty Room: Something important has gone missing but there’s no sign of how the thief committed the robbery. Can the PCs don their deerstalkers, light their pipes and solve the case?
    1. Someone is using magic to hide parts of the room.
  35. A Chimerical Crafting Competition!: The local head of House Dougal has declared a Chimerrrrical Crrrrafting Competition! (he really likes rolling his rrrrrrrrs). Will the PCs compete, or will they police the event to stop sabotage and dirty dealing?
  36. The Hunt: To entertain important guests, the Duke calls a hunt of the local wild Chimera. When one of the guests is killed during the chase, can the PCs discover the culprit?
  37. Monkey King: An autistic child becomes obsessed with correct spelling and grammar, while his Chimerical companion haunts and terrifies the other children who live at the home he’s come to because his parents died.1
  38. Kindling the Flame: The PCs discover an abandoned Freehold. Can they clear it out and claim it as their own?
  39. The Devil’s Road: One of the Trods in the Freehold has a bad reputation. Only bad things come out of it. Can the PCs work out why?
  40. To Bedlam!: The PCs must run a mercy mission to a local Dreaming colony before the Kithain there lose their minds.
  41. Summer Lands: Someone has discovered Arcadia, but is it real or just a clever illusion?
  42. I Want to Believe: The PCs encounter a group of people who want, desperately, to believe in something, anything? Can they help?
    1. Someone in the group is more than they seem, and they’re hungry for hopes and dreams… In fact they’re just like a vampire, feeding on their fellow humans’ needs.
  43. The Grey World: A Sidhe sinks into depression, as he longs for Arcadia. Can he be healed?
  44. True: A young woman has come to Kithain attention as a True Dreamer and now they all want to be her friend. Sooner or later she’s going to snap.
  45. The Fugitives: A pair of new Kithain have moved into the area – a Sluagh and a Redcap who seems oddly protective of her. Who are they, and why do they seem to be a portent of doom?
    1. A cabal of dark Changeling sorcerers are following them, with an eye to capturing something they have in their possession.
  46. Dark Reflections: An event in the mortal world casts a shadow into the Dreaming. What effect does it have?
    1. The event is a school shooting, which has left many of the children and the characters shellshocked.
  47. Intrigues and Lies: A Sidhe noble, Aelwyn ap Gwydion, seeks to press her claim to be High Queen of Albion, but is she genuine?2
    1. The PCs must help her with tests, or oppose her, if they don’t support her claims.
    2. Seelie versus Unseelie war begins to stir in the chaos made by her claim to the throne, Black Annis emerges from her sleep to lead the Unseelie as their Queen of Air and Darkness.
    3. The White Horse of Uffingham begins to act as a Trod for the Changelings, suggesting that something, though nobody knows what has woken it.
    4. Deep dreams begin to stir in the English countryside. Is it a sign of the land accepting the claim to the throne, or something else?
    5. A number of omens occur that seem to suggest that Aelwyn is blessed by fate, but rumours abound that they’re entirely manufactured. They could well be, or perhaps they portend something entirely different.
  48. Raising the Flag: Civil War has come to the Isle of the Mighty as dreams of rebellion and justice kindle a revolt.
    1. Modernists versus Traditionalists. The New Model Army marches again, in Changeling form.
    2. The unfortunately named Prince Rupert of House Fiona is a big wheel on the Traditionalist side.
  49. In Ancient Times: A flashback adventure to when the Changelings lived on Earth before the Shattering, will they take the Changeling Way or go gentle into that good night?3
  50. Well of Souls: What happens to all the souls that were displaced when the Sidhe came over?
  51. Theatre of Souls: One of the Changelings is having nightmares, every night. Can the PCs help her with the strange theatre she finds herself trapped in, and the odd characters who seem most insistent that nothing holds up the show?
  52. Law Breaker: An attempt has been made to break the Compact.
  53. Memorial Day: A squabble breaks out about the local memorial day for the fallen Changeling soldiers of the Accordance War, as the younger Changelings don’t want to celebrate something which brought about ‘tyranny’.
    1. The younger Changelings want the statue of the Sidhe noble who is a ‘war hero’ taken down.
    2. Inspired by Occupy and Anonymous they start to make protests against the local nobility. (Some of them are even wearing V for Vendetta masks)
    3. When the Duke cracks down on them, will there be riots in the streets?
      1. Is the rumour that the Duke is a member of Beltaine Blade true?
    4. A Redcap shocks the characters by producing a chimerical gun to go with their real one. Are they seriously planning to shoot the Duke?
    5. Behind the scenes Cat’s Cradle is pulling the strings, trying to manipulate the two sides into a peaceful solution.
    6. The local Kithain information networks are full of disinformation, claiming that attacks have happened and that a group of Commoners have been taken into custody one day and that the Duke’s soldiers are being defeated the next.
  54. The Fake: It’s revealed that Caliburn has been replaced with a cunning fake. Where is King David’s sword?
  55. The Monster’s Birth: A Sidhe’s Ordeal unleashes a monster onto the Freehold.
  56. The Elixir: A Sidhe alchemist seeks the secrets of immortality (dreaming of the impossible).
    1. The elixir requires impossible ingredients, phoenix feathers, cockatrice scales and so on. Guess who has to risk their lives to gather these things?
  57. The Lure: A monster has been devouring the local Kithain, laying a trail of Glamour to lure them in. Can the PCs find it and defeat it?
  58. Beware the Hunter: A strange Sidhe woman, Merellin ap Scathach, clad in grey clothes and much scarred from combat, comes to the Freehold. Why is she here and why does she want the PCs help?
    1. The woman is a member of House Scathach, and she is hunting a Changeling criminal – a repeat Ravager who has left a trail of broken dreamers in his wake.
    2. The Ravager is a member of the Shadow Court, or so Merellin claims. Can the motley believe her?
  59. Festival Time: The local town holds an arts festival every September and it’s traditional to part the Mists and take in as much Glamour as possible. This year the festival has been called off, can the PCs change the organisers’ minds?
  60. The Ball: A Grand Ball has been called by the Duke. Everyone is invited, and everyone seems to be going. But as the day approaches, rumours begin to spread that something else is going on. Can the motley work out what’s lurking under the surface?
  61. Dark Visions: A prophecy of the future prompts panic among House Eiluned’s members. The PCs are sent to try and avert the vision.
  62. Lost Hearts: A love affair among House Fiona has gone astray. Can the characters help love win the day?
    1. The love affair has been meddled with, by a jealous lover.
  63. Kin Slayer: A member of House Gwydion (Rhodry ap Gwydion) is on the run, accused of a crime he claims he didn’t commit. His detractors claim he slew his uncle, which he says isn’t possible as he loved him… but that Gwydion temper can lead to many problems...
  64. Down and Out in Mundanis and Arcadia: House Liam requests aid after a number of homeless people are Ravaged.
    1. There are many likely culprits, including a Redcap Corby, a House Ailil noble apparently fallen on hard times, and a Troll who seems dangerously close to crossing over into his Unseelie nature.
    2. One of the local Changelings is a down on his luck Red Branch Knight, who’s turned to booze but still keeps his blade sharp. Is he friend or foe?
  65. The Glamour Storm: A rare Glamour Storm has broken in the Dreaming and the Chimerical World. With winds and rain fit to strip the mien off a Changeling’s back, the PCs must seek shelter. What will they do when they find their refuge is also being used by a group of rivals?
  66. To Give to the Poor: A group of Changeling outlaws have set up shop in the surrounding area. They seem to mean well, and are almost Robin Hood-like, but are they genuine, and can the PCs find a way to make them stop without compromising what they stand for?
  67. Agitators: A group of Commoners start to agitate for a more democratic process at Fief level. Demanding a role in the governance of the Freehold, they may well provoke the Duke’s bad side? Should the PCs support, or oppose, the push towards democracy?
    1. They demand free and fair elections, even suggesting the Duke step down and be held accountable to the people.
  68. Lost Lore: The local librarian asks the PCs to recover a book of lost lore… the only problem is that the book was written in dreams by a now dead author and never published. In order to find it, they’ll have to find the Library of Unfinished Books, somewhere in the Dreaming, and transcribe the copy there. Are they up to the challenge?4
  69. She’s in ‘Parties’: A sex tape appears on the internet, featuring a local Unseelie Satyr and a mortal woman. However, she doesn’t remember meeting him, or being in the video… What’s going on? (I would suggest this only for ‘mature’ players).
    1. The woman who appears to be in the film isn’t, the footage features a glamoured actress or other woman who may have actually been consenting (despite appearances). Who would benefit from the deception?
    2. Come to that, who would be able to enchant the camera to film the faerie side of thing… Perhaps the Nockers know?
  70. The Challenge: The court is settling in for its Midwinter Feast when someone crashes the party. A tall knight, in green armour, he demands that one of the court’s noble knights accept his challenge. Will one of the PCs step up, or will they leave it to someone else? And if the latter, will they smooth the way to the next part of the quest, which will take place at the Green Knight’s castle?
    1. There are many dangers on the journey, dragons, bandits and the riddle finding out what a wodwo is.
  71. Conventional Matters: There’s a Comic Con going on and a bunch of the younger Kithain want to go. Can the PCs cope with playing babysitter? And will the convention be a burgeoning fount of Glamour, or a great plain of Banality?
    1. A group of keen Wilders are trying to set up their own Comic Con/music festival/cereal cafe/something to bring in the local Dreamers. Can the PCs help out (or are they the group doing the organising?)
      1. Setting up a battle of the bands at the local club proves to be just as turbulent as attempting to make a political foray at court.
    2. There are a great deal of dangers here, from the nerds who debate which of their favourite heroes would win in a fight, the collectors who must have things in mint condition, and the stalls selling the same old rubbish you can get at half the price online, or at the local comics shop. But there are cosplayers, and for some Changelings they’re like nectar.
      1. One of the Changelings gets jealous of all the pretty costumes and invokes the Wyrd to make himself the most attractive and best cosplayer there.
  72. The Revels: The local court is invited to a Shadow Court Revel. Is it wise to accept the invitation? Do the Shadow Court Changelings have an ulterior motive?
    1. The location is in the bad part of town, in an old, abandoned warehouse.
    2. It’s potentially all a bit ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ (So again, for adults)
  73. Friends and Executioners: A tide of bad luck has swept through the Freehold. Is it the work of a spy? And why is one of the PCs friends acting so shiftily?
  74. The Worst Oath: One of the NPCs has been forced to swear an oath that will only bring ruin, unless they break it. Will they take the consequences or can the PCs help them work out a way to circumvent it without bringing dishonour on themselves?
  75. The Dutiful Marriage: A pair of Sidhe have been sworn to each other and everyone’s happy, apart from the fiancées. Neither of them loves the other, and one of them isn’t heterosexual. Can the situation be remedied without it coming to blows?
  76. Lotto!: The Royal Lottery is in swing and someone is trying to fix it.
  77. A Whispered Word: Rumour begin to spread throughout the Freehold about the doings of the nobles. Who’s spreading them, why are they going so far, and what will be the consequence of the rumours?
    1. The source of the rumours is a Boggan who resents being taken advantage of by the rest of the Changelings and is trying to make trouble. He’s ‘not one to talk’ but the words he says fall into the most receptive of ears.
  78. Mealy Mouth: A Boggan Grump begins to accuse other Changelings of stealing from him. Is it just fantasy or is there something to the claims?
  79. The Con: An Eshu con artist has come to the Freehold, is anything safe, or will he steal the family silver, swap a ‘Stradivarius’ for a book of priceless magic, and convince the Duke’s daughter to let him ride her unicorn away.
    1. This may coincide with the Grand Ball, where the Eshu cuts a dash with his suave manner and his dancing.
  80. Tall Tales: An Eshu Grump is holding a storytelling contest. All are welcome to participate. Can the PCs step up?
    1. The Grump in question doubles as a professor, teaching the youngsters about the big wide world (including many things the more responsible adults would prefer they didn’t know).
  81. You, Sir, are a Baboon!: A pair of Nockers seek out the PCs to adjudicate an insult contest.
  82. A Glitch in Time: Problems are dogging the local College’s network, could it be the new IT technician’s fault? He is a Nocker after all.
  83. The War of Pranks: The Pooka have decided to have a war of pranks. Will anything survive?
    1. The local ruler is the real target, as the Pooka have decided he needs to be taken down a peg or two.
    2. An assassin is taking advantage of that to strike at the Noble.
  84. The Impossible Task: Circumstances force a local Pooka to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; can it be done?
  85. The Littlest Redcap: A young Redcap is being bullied and is sick of it, will the PCs help him out?
  86. Rebellion: The local Corbies are rebelling against the local liege. His crime, not being tough enough. Can the PCs put a stop to this nonsense?
    1. There’s a running battle through town, as the PCs try to defeat the Redcaps and they just paint the town red.
  87. The Hangover: It’s the night after the Satyrs’ Midsummer Revels… How did the motley end up with a strange collection of goods, and why is everyone cross with them? They must go on a quest to find out what they did, and return things to their rightful owners.
  88. The Send Off: A Satyr Grump is about to lose his connection to the Dreaming. Can the PCs give him the send off he deserves?
  89. In a Blaze of Glory: A Sidhe Noble is determined to go out in a blaze of glory. Can the PCs find him the right foe to test his mettle against?
    1. The Sidhe has an addiction to battle.
    2. He has to die in battle or he’ll never know peace. Unfortunately, he’s nigh on undefeatable (In fact he may be Red Branch Knight).
  90. High Tea: The Sluagh are holding High Tea and the PCs are invited, can they make it through three hours of whispering and gossip before they go stir crazy? After all, there are secrets to learn.
    1. The secrets may include:
      1. The secret password to the Duke’s escape tunnel/Trod that leads out of the castle to a place of safety.
      2. The intrigues between the various noble houses as they jostle for position.
      3. The plans for the next wave of entertainments planned by the fool of a Reeve.
      4. What the local Nockers are making in their secret labs.
      5. Why the head of the local Redcaps has a pair of heart patterned boxer shorts.
  91. The House of Secrets: A mysterious old house has appeared in the characters’ neighbourhood, its windows glowing with strange lights. Dare you go inside?
  92. The New Club: A new club opens up and the motley go to see if it’s any good. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only supernatural beings in that night and trouble is brewing.
    1. The local Vampires are in, in particular, and one of them seems to be hitting on a PC’s mortal friend.
  93. Sports Day: It’s Sports Day at the local school and the Changelings are dragged into going by younger friends (unless they’re at the school themselves). Can they enjoy the Sports Day, fend off the parents who don’t like them hanging around, and deal with the local gang of chimerical troublemakers without making a hash of the whole thing?
    1. The chimerae are a gang, formed of a group of old imaginary friends who have hung on long after the children who dreamt them up moved on. Somehow they’ve become part of the school’s imaginary self, and the children who go there all end up telling stories about the Hedgehog and his gang of ‘charming’ reprobates. Sadly, in the flesh they’re not nearly so cute.
    2. A number of the parents are very protective (one pair may be borderline Autumn People).
  94. Broken Souls: A mortal dreamer, once a reliable wellspring of Glamour has ‘dried up’, rather suddenly. What could have caused it, and is their thuggish boyfriend to blame?
    1. The dreams of a DV survivor.
  95. Abduction Club: A ‘sleeping’ Changeling is abducted, but by whom?
  96. A Gift for His Grace: The Duke’s birthday is coming up and that means he gets presents. Lots of presents. Unfortunately, this leads to some competition among the local Kithain. Can the PCs secure a good, original, and pleasing present for their liege? Of course, other Kithain need their help, too… A Changeling’s work is never done...
    1. One of the gifts has been stolen
    2. Another has been damaged by accident
    3. a third needs a special ingredient.
    4. A fourth must be kept discreet (and may be some sort of magical Viagra – he’s not as young as he was….)
    5. A group of anarchists’ gift seems to tick…. Cuckoo clock, maybe?
  97. A Deadly Cargo: A van has been stopped, and a cargo of iron core bullets has been found. Who could be making such horrific things?
    1. The Shadow Court are planning an uprising in the fief.
    2. The Commoners who were pushing for democracy have decided to go all Boston Tea Party on the Duke’s ass, (though what a donkey has to do with it, heaven only knows).
    3. The local branch of the Catacomb Club is worried that something is going to lead to a second Accordance War.
  98. This Could be a Job for…5: Some FBI agents (or equivalent investigators) are sniffing around, but what are they looking for?
    1. They’re investigating ‘lost time’ from a point where the PCs enchanted some mortals.
  99. The Play’s the Thing: The PCs are tasked to make a play or show that will create Glamour among the local populace.
    1. Opening Night attracts the wrong sort of attention
    2. The PCs leading lady vanishes. Who took her?
    3. A local theatre critic is coming to the show… can to the PCs make sure they get a good review? It’ll be difficult as the man seems to think he’s working on the New York Times or something, and is notoriously harsh in his reviews (in the style of the reviewer in the David Sedaris piece.
    4. The leading man storms out in a huff because of something, can they get him back?
  100. Missing Chimera: A chimera has vanished. What’s going on?
    1. A mysterious Chimera taxidermist has kidnapped the companion to turn into his finest work yet. As he’s a Chimera himself, who the hell dreamed him up?
  101. The Phantom Thief: A mysterious thief strikes, stealing from the nobility.
    1. The thief is a pretty Sidhe who enjoys the art of causing chaos. She’s Unseelie but you shouldn’t hold that against her…
    2. Like Raffles, she attends parties and soirées, cases the joint and in the next few nights she returns to steal something she likes the look of. She’s aided in this by a Chimerical raven, who acts as her eyes and ears.
1With apologies to Alan Moore
2With apologies to White Wolf, I am largely ignoring Isle of the Mighty, partly because I no longer own it and partly because it really was awful.
3‘Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day, Rage, rage against the dying of the light’ Dylan Thomas
4Here, I’m thinking of Dream’s library from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman but you may have your own references.

5Mulder and Scully – a song by the band Catatonia.

Five Friday Favourites (reprise)

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Hellfrost Download: Blodkulle and Sample Characters

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I've added a sample setting for Hellfrost to my downloads, which also has about twenty Novice Savage Worlds characters for the game included in it. You get story seeds, NPCs, a setting, groups of characters that have not only stats but also some history and are ready to go. Hopefully, you can just pick up and play, if you own the Hellfrost books.

Hopefully, this link will work: Blodkulle

For more of my slowly growing amount of RPG stuff that's available for free here, click:

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