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Just a quick head's up that I've just finished a big list of 202 Hellfrost story seeds for the Triple Ace Games fantasy setting.

You can find it at the link below or just read the post. I don't own the copyright on any of this, so feel free to steal them for your own games!

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Hellfrost Plotlines


  1. The Black Sheep: An Anari mage seeks revenge against his relatives. Whose side will the PCs take in the dispute?
  2. The Ice Curse: A small enclave of Taiga Elves are starting to freeze from the inside out, leaving ice statues behind. What’s causing this? Could an estranged Frost Born be to blame?
  3. Rebellion: One of the local nobles has raised rebellion against his liege lord. Is he justified? The PCs will have to find out.
  4. The Guest: A guest turns up at the PC’s home, and makes a nuisance of themselves. How long will the PCs stand it?
  5. The Accused: An Engro caravan is accused of stealing a set of items, but insist they’re innocent. The PCs are brought in to investigate.
  6. The Quarrel: A pair of neighbouring lords are stealing each other’s livestock.
  7. The Curse: The dead walk again, Draugr haunting the night, because the treasure they guarded was stolen.
    • The treasure was an amulet of Hela, or other necromantic artefact and they were meant to stop it emerging in the living world again. The amulet must be returned so they can rest.
  8. Dragon’s Fire: A settlement has been burned to the ground and a dragon has been blamed. But is it really the beast’s fault, or has someone else decided to profit from its presence?
  9. The Contest: The PCs attend a contest (of a non martial type) and discover that foul play is afoot. Who would be so crass as to cheat?
  10. Giant’s Pass: An Ice Giant sets up camp in a mountain pass on a popular trade route, only allowing travellers to pass if they can answer his grisly riddles. Everyone else is devoured.
  11. The Trespasser: A woodcutter is accused of cutting down trees sacred to the local Elves. Can the PCs stop the two sides coming to blows?
  12. Ice Pirates: A group of Ice Pirates (sailing an Ice Rigger) has started to raid the coast. The PCs must track them to their lair and put an end to them.
  13. The Game: A pair of Knights Hrafn have started playing a tactical game and the PCs get recruited as pawns.
    • Capture the Flag: One of the Knights arranges for a flag to be defended at some old ruins, the PCs have to get it back without killing anyone.
  14. The Burden of Duty: A village is held hostage by a Hearth Knight and his entourage. Something has driven them mad and they believe the place is cursed. Is it, or have they been bewitched?
  15. Secrets of the Past: A lore keeper hires the PCs to search for a piece of lost lore. He has a stronger link to the lore he seeks than he’s letting on, though.
  16. Lost Treasure: The PCs are hired to venture into a Dwarven ruin and recover treasures, but is everything as it seems?
  17. A Small Killing: The High King of the Saxa has summoned his vassals to his capital. When a particular noble is killed, the PCs are brought in to investigate.
  18. Unforgiven: Bandits are springing up, purportedly led by a dispossessed Saxa folk hero. But is this real or just a clever ruse by someone seeking to stir up trouble?
  19. Too Clever a Tongue: A Skald is killed after she insults too many people at a clan gathering. Who’s responsible and did she touch on something deeper?
  20. Knight Time: A mysterious knight has been seen on the local roads, attacking the passing traffic. Who is he and what does he want?
  21. The Fanatic: A priest tasked with rooting out evil has gone too far, and accuses anyone who disagrees with him of being in league with evil forces. Now, the PCs have fallen under his harsh eye and his accusations are making life difficult for them.
  22. The Hedge Magician: The PCs are hired by an ageing Hedge Wizard to find the ingredients he needs to make a potion. The problem is that none of them are in locations that would be described as safe or pleasant.
  23. Caravan Duty: The PCs are hired to supplement the Iron Guard on a caravan. Something is attracting evil creatures to attack them, but what?
  24. The Siege: The PC’s home comes under siege and they must help defend it.
    • Diggers: The PCs discover that someone is tunnelling under the walls and must put a stop to it.
    • Dinosaur Troops: The Lizardmen attacking the fortress in Sudmark have brought up their heavy siege weapons and the PCs are tasked with dealing with the Triceratops and Diplodocus before they can be brought to bear against the fortress.
  25. The Jarl’s Sword: A Jarl had a sword forged as a gift for the King but someone has stolen it. They must be brought to justice.
  26. Black Ice: A Frost Dwarf smith knows where to find some Black Ice but it’s too dangerous to go alone so he strikes a deal with the PCs to escort him there and keep him safe. Can they cope with travelling with a whinging old man?
  27. Star Metal: A comet falls and the race is on to recover it.
  28. The Dead Rise: Far to the north, where the ground is too cold to bury the dead in winter, something has caused a mass rising of the dead in Murton. The PCs must put them down.
  29. Reavers: A ship manned by the undead attacks coastal villages. What’s caused it to rise from the inky depths?
  30. The Wall: One of the nobles is building new defences but a group of Orcs are disrupting things by attacking every night and reducing the half built fortifications to ruins. The PCs are sent to kill them and find out what they’re doing with the stone they steal.
  31. A Deadly Obsession: A burnt out mage has hit upon the idea that if he kills another magic user he will be able to cast spells again. When he abducts one of the PC’s allies, they must find him and stop him killing their friend.
  32. The Pit: A cult of Dargar has started abducting travellers and forcing them to fight each other.
  33. The Serial Killer: A series of grisly murders has occurred in the local town or city. Who’s responsible and why are they doing it?
  34. The Bounty: A group of evil creatures (Orcs, Goblins, Giants etc, etc) has been making trouble and the local Jarl or Duke has placed a bounty on their heads.
  35. Eira’s Shrine: The PCs attend a shrine of Eira, which is reputed to cure all ills with its healing waters. Something is wrong though, a dark shadow lays over the shrine. Could it be to do with one of the new patients, a young man who seems to mutter the name of a dark god all the time?
  36. An ‘Elixir’ of Health: A pedlar comes to town and makes a convincing demonstration of his healing potions. Is he for real, or is he just a cunning conman?
  37. Restitution: A family who’ve been gulled out of their fortune by a team of cunning conmen. Now they’re after blood and hire the PCs to hunt them down.
  38. Growing Pains: A town has started to expand but is butting heads with the local followers of Eostre as they try to protect the wilderness. Can the PCs help keep things peaceful?
  39. Something Nasty In the Woodshed: A farmer is accused of harbouring monsters after a series of accidents ruin the harvest, but is it true or just malicious gossip, and what does he keep in the woodshed?
  40. Overrun: A mine has been overrun by monsters when a new gallery led straight to a Goblin camp. Now the PCs must clear it out.
  41. The Jewel of the Seven Stars: A gemstone, rumoured to bring ill fortune to anyone who owns it has come up for auction. A buyer, who lives on the other side of Rassilon hires the PCs to procure it and bring it to him. Will they survive the trip?
  42. Dark Prayers: A cult of Hela has set up nearby and are leading lone travellers off the roads and into danger. After one too many wanderers vanishes the PCs are offered a bounty to see what’s going on and put a stop to it.
  43. The Black Book: Rumours of a tome of dark magic being found in a ruin are starting to circulate. The PCs are asked to locate it for the local priests of Hoenir so they can make sure it never sees the light of the day again.
    • Complications arise when the local (fanatical) paladins of Sigel get wind of what’s going on and insist on destroying the book themselves.
  44. Competition: A group of thieves are having a competition to see who can steal the most in a month. PC thieves may be invited to join in, otherwise the party are likely to have to stop the game.
  45. Strange Cargo: A ship brings something ashore in its cargo, and whatever it is starts to cause terror through the port.
  46. The Fugitive: The PCs encounter a fugitive, fleeing not the law but the paladins of Niht, who want to kill them for bringing light into their Mistress’ temple.
  47. Book Burning: A number of tomes have been stolen in the city, but where have they gone? And why are rumours of the Cult of Niht’s activities circulating the city’s underworld?
  48. A Twenty Wolfskin Winter: One of the northern cities is under attack from Frost Wolves and the local Jarl has declared that any adventurer who kills twenty of the beasts will be handsomely rewarded.
  49. Desecration: The crypts at Scaetha’s main temple have burst open and their inhabitants have spilled out. They must be put down and the temple’s sanctity restored. What could have caused this, though?
  50. Chain Breaking: The PCs are hired to create a distraction as a small group of Thunor worshippers, opposed to slavery, set out to free the slaves on a Noble's estate.
  51. A Course in Tricks: The PCs meet a Cleric to the Unknowable One, who takes a shine to them and proceeds to play all manner of pranks to teach them something, despite the fact it drives them crazy.
  52. The Up and Comer: A new Noble has arrived in town, and is rising in popularity very fast. Their problems seem to melt away, and they’re taking their success for granted. Is everything innocent as it seems?
  53. Fish Bites Man: The Angmark fishing fleet is under attack and boats have gone missing without trace. There are rumours that a sea monster, capable of destroying a ship in gulp is on the prowl.
  54. The White Deer: A mythical white deer has been seen in the local forests, prompting a competition between the hunters to see who can bag it.
    • A priest of the Unknowable One may be responsible for the sightings.
    • There again, the Deer might be a sign of something evil stirring deep in the forest.
  55. It was a Dragon: A child, one renowned as a liar and mooncalf, claims to have seen a dragon flying over the mountains in a proprietorial fashion. Will anyone believe him?
  56. Treasure beyond Measure: The King of Aspiria has set a challenge for adventurers, to solve the Mad Duke’s Maze and return with it’s fabled treasure.
    • The King plans to find a way to separate the gold from the adventurers as soon as he can.
  57. School Days: A group of mages wish to re-establish the mage school in the Granite Mountains (but this time specialising in war magic). They’re looking for people to help, promising great riches and magical treasures in return.
    • The mages have struck a deal with the Iron Guild for military support but communications have broken down. The PCs will have to run messages between the two camps, and try to bring everyone to an agreement before disaster strikes.
    • The ruins of the old school have become sacred ground for the local Orcs and Goblins, for reasons that are unclear. The PCs will have to scout the ruins to find out why.
    • There’s a traitor in the mage’s camp. A member of the Reliquary has his or her eye on getting hold of magical treasures and making off with them.
    • A second group of adventurers are making trouble for the PCs, challenging them to undertake foolhardy wagers to prove which party has the most courage and which is most skilled. If the NPC party starts to lose, they’ll not balk at cheating and will even place loot in the PCs baggage to make it look as if they’re thieves.
  58. Red, Red Wine: The Festival of Wine is coming up, in celebration of the gods of fertility, feasting, and drunkenness. Tensions are running high, especially as the judge of the wine, Hugo Blue-Menthal isn’t a popular figure. In fact, there have already been attempts on his life. Can the PCs keep him alive?
  59. Road to Nowhere: Part of Freo’s Road has been trapped in an enchantment that means that whoever walks down it finds they go in a loop, never able to escape the stretch of road.
  60. The Golem: A part of a large city is protected by a Golem, acting like a vigilante to keep thieves and worse away. Something’s gone wrong though, and the monster has started to attack innocents. The problem is that nobody knows where it comes from or who made it. Can the PCs find out?
  61. Ballot Boxed: It’s election time on Atlantaris Isle and tensions are running high. Just the right time for an assassination, wouldn’t you say?
  62. The Steelbark Solution: An alchemist claims to have rediscovered the solution that made steelbark so strong. Before he can share it with anyone, he’s been abducted by a warband from the monster infested Cold Hills. Can the PCs rescue him?
  63. A Spy in the Woods: The PCs are commissioned to go into Orc Wood and find out what’s going on, and to sabotage the unified Orcs if at all possible.
  64. The Wizard of Elf: Is the Shining King actually still alive? Certain rumours are starting to spread around Angarion that suggest the reason he’s not been seen for so long is that he’s dead. Trouble is brewing as a result, with demands that he make himself known.
  65. Ambition: An Elf Noble has started to expand her territory, citing the need to protect the forest from outside threats. She’s been accused of making a power grab, but has reasons at every turn. Her opponents fear she will conquer the forest if left unchecked, but can’t find a justification to stop her. Enter the party...
  66. To The Strongest: A new leader has come to power in the Battle Lands and seems to be uniting the disparate tribes. It’s time to get some meddlers out there to make sure the Battle Landers don’t present a threat to Aspiria.
  67. The Dragon’s Challenge: The Dragon of Drake Marsh has issued a challenge, if a champion can best it’s champion it will leave Aspiria alone. Otherwise, it will lay waste to the kingdom.
    • In reality a challenger to the Dragon’s authority over Drake Marsh has arisen, and this is the best way to get rid of them while not risking its own hide. Not being entirely cruel, the Dragon will offer a piece of valuable treasure to who ever takes care of its problem.
  68. The Barrow: One of the Battle Land leaders has demanded a barrow of his own when he dies (this isn’t far off). Consequently, his followers have started to build one next to one of the ancient tombs that dot the land. Doing so has unearthed a host of skeletons, each with a rune carved on its skull. Fearing they will rise, the tribesmen have turned to outside help to destroy them and clean the land so they can continue building the barrow.
  69. Beware the Lights: The Gator Men of Candle Marsh have hatched a plan, and are using the will-o-the-wisps to draw fresh prey into their domain. Allied with Fey illusions, they tempt people off the road and into their traps.
  70. Insiders: Unbeknownst to the people of Jotungraef a menace has sprung up in their midst. A secret cult of Dargar has created a temple under the city. They’re waiting for the giants to attack again, at which point they’ll offer their god a massive offering.
  71. Search and Rescue: An avalanche in the Brokentail Mountains has blocked the road through the mountains. The PCs are recruited to find survivors and keep the road safe from bandits and orcs.
  72. Uprising: The people of Blackstone have had enough and are plotting to rise up against Orol Drakestaff. When their leaders are arrested in a dawn raid, they turn to the PCs to help.
  73. The Stampede: A group of Beastmen have turned the herds of Aurochs into a weapon, sending them stampeding to attack, or rather crush, settlements. How are they doing it?
  74. The Heirloom: A family that was driven out of the Cairn Lands are trying to recover a lost heirloom but believe it may lie in one of the region’s many tombs. Unwilling to brave the depths and undead themselves, they seek agents to hunt for it.
    • The family are traditional necromancers, the heirloom they seek is a potent necromantic weapon, one capable of raising many zombies or skeletons.
  75. Patrols: Groups of Elves from Dalthalinin Wood have been sighted out in the Cairn Lands, never interacting with humans and utterly focused on whatever their task is. In reality these patrols are seeking evidence of dark magic, and to put a stop to it. They just don’t trust humans enough to tell them. Unfortunately, they have already unwittingly stirred something from the dark and it is following in their wake.
  76. A Shot in the Dark: An important business contact has come to Halfway to visit Merchant Prince Leon Cogle. Entertained in the House of Pleasure, the guest has been found dead, apparently assassinated by a crossbowman during the night. The question now is who did it, and why.
  77. Rivalries: A strong rivalry has sprung up between Coglelund’s soldiers and the Iron Guild over which is better. A number of brawls have happened, and nothing seems to be putting a lid on the conflict. Can the PCs find a way to settle things down?
  78. Pest Control: Baron Drogo Draconov likes to send out groups of adventurers to keep the local goblins, orcs and other monsters down.
  79. Map Making: A cartographer wants a fully detailed map of the Drakeport Delta and is offering decent pay for someone to go out and make it.
  80. Whispers from the Depths: Karad Dahn’s Dwarves are beset by a threat they cannot defeat. A strange voice has begun to whisper from the depths of the city’s ruins, inciting them to walk into the dark and join it. As more and more of the Dwarves succumb, the leader of the ruined city is desperate to discover the source of the voice and what has happened to his troops.
  81. The Pride of Dwarves: An old Dwarf, on his deathbed, promises his vast wealth to anyone who can discover the secret of what happened to Karad Khan.
  82. Catch the Orc: Karad Zor’s secret has been discovered and now the PCs must find the Orc who’s found the secret passages and kill him before he spreads word to the rest of his race.
  83. Black Market: The PCs are hired to acquire something that’s not exactly legal. The trail leads them to the Black Swan in Freetown, but getting hold of the stuff won’t be easy, even in a town famous for it’s lack of law where ‘everything’ is available.
  84. Giant’s Test: King Kaldr of Giant’s Throne has challenged the Hearth Kingdoms to send their best warriors, wizards and athletes to his home to prove their worth in tests of skill, might, wizardry. Promising safety for the duration of his games, the Giant King has said that failing to answer the challenge will be a sign that the kingdoms are too weak to defend themselves.
  85. The Frostborn Problem: Soldiers from Cul have invaded the Heldalund, claiming to be seeking to protect persecuted members of their race. This has been happening more and more frequently and the local Nobility is fed up but can’t get the backing to do anything about it. A group of independent contractors though… well they could do something.
  86. Missing: A group of explorers from Heldalund who were investigating the possibility of annexing the lower Liche Lands have gone missing. Despite his misgivings, the Thegn has hired the PCs to find them, or their remains.
  87. Plague!: A plague ship has docked at Freetown, and begun to spread its horrific cargo to the townsfolk. Desperate to find a cure, Lord Blackhand has appealed to adventurers to find a cure, before the entire town perishes from the illness.
    • In the meantime, clerics of Vadi are investigating the outbreak, not to cure it but to ensure it spreads across Rassilon.
  88. The Hunt: The PCs are invited to join a boar hunt, to capture or kill Hellfrost Boars. They don’t know that some of the hunters aren’t after boar at all; politics has entered the hunt and there are plans to settle a rivalry once and for all.
  89. Killed by Cold: The Finnar of Lakeland have been visited by a horror, discovering their kinsmen frozen to death during the night. What could have caused it?
  90. The Lore Keeper: A young man is travelling Rassilon collecting information about the Liche War. In reality he’s an agent of the Liche-Priest, gathering information for his master. Haunted by nightmares of an ancient evil, he is both a figure to be hated and pitied. Can the PCs help him?
  91. The Missing King: The Queen of Midmark hires groups of adventurers to find either her son or her husband, in the hopes that they will return from their quests.
  92. An Ill Omen: A group of Taiga Elves have discovered a perverse oracle in their woodland home; a skeleton bound to a tree that appears to have the power to augur the future. Now, they seek to know where it came from and what it’s dark warnings mean.
  93. The Return: A woman returns to her husband after ten years away. Is she all she seems?
  94. The Dead Dragon: As fear of the Liche-Priest’s return grows, the PCs are dispatched to destroy an ancient Undead dragon that might be swayed to his cause.
    • Acknowledging this is a suicide run, the PCs are permitted to take a number of prisoners with them, in the hopes that these criminals will earn their freedom, or a good death, by acting heroically.
  95. Tour of Duty: The High King of the Saxa is looking for groups of adventurers to help out Vestmark and stop it being overrun with Orcs. He’s promising land in return for aid, but the lands are currently in the lands occupied by the Orc Mark.
  96. Ursa Major?: A small settlement on the Shattered Moor has been utterly destroyed, and there’s evidence of human skeletons (with tooth marks on their bones) lying in the ruins, mostly heaped around a large fire. Locals, such as they are, blame the Cult of the Bear God, but everyone knows they’re a myth, right?
  97. The Missing Patient: In the Magocracy, an asylum patient has vanished, apparently taken from her bed in the middle of the night. Nobody knows what’s become of her and the doctors are worried in case she’s a threat to other people (or likely to commit suicide). Can the PCs find her before the worst happens?
    • She’s been kidnapped by the Awakeners who don’t believe her madness will carry over into one of their Golem creations.
    • She’s actually a highly powerful wizard and a group of people believe they will be able to control once she’s installed as Mage-Queen of the Magocracy.
  98. Monopoly: A group of merchants have fallen on hard times, as another of their trade makes a killing in the local markets. Rumours are starting to circulate about what’s going on and they need someone to investigate.
  99. Broken Idols: A temple has been smashed and the priests want to know who did it.
    • This is but one of many attacks of late, directed against all gods, priests, and holy texts.
  100. Corruption: A judge has been struck down by an unknown assailant. The dead woman’s husband appeals to the PCs to find the culprit.
    • The Swords of Justice are behind the attack, and unbeknownst to anyone else, have infiltrated the local Guards.
    • Solving this murder reveals another crime, that the judge was corrupt and allowed many of her friends off lightly in court, or ensuring their crimes never came to light at all.
  101. Defending the Wall: Accused of a crime in Angmark, the PCs are drafted to serve on the Scieldvollr, serving on the most dangerous stretch. When something strange happens, they’re sent out towards the mountains to investigate. Will this be the moment they break ranks and make a run for it, or will they stand by their duty and investigate the strangeness?

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Hellfrost: Land of Fire Plotlines

  1. You Cheeky Monkey: The local souk or bazaar is plagued by thieving monkeys, making off with all sorts of valuable items. The local guards have been driven to distraction and the captain approaches the PCs to deal with problem.
  2. Relics of the Past: A mage and scholar approaches the PCs to travel to Mizdah (City of Power in the Sphinx Lands) to find the hidden treasure of the long defunct magic school and bring him a particular legendary item of power.
  3. To Love is the Greatest Gift of All: An agent of Ankhnesmerire, the Pharaoh of Karijah, hires the party to investigate potential suitors and find the right one.
  4. Dark and Sinister: The PCs are hired to find the source of the Orc attacks in Karijah.
  5. Smuggler’s Delight: Someone is smuggling illicit goods into Karijah and the PCs must find the culprit after a poison that could kill a Sphinx is found in a bundle of contraband.
  6. Trade War: A group of merchants have gone to war with each other, wrecking each others’ stock, stealing produce and even setting fire to their rivals’ warehouses.
  7. Enslaved!: Entering the realm of Jizah, the PCs are captured by the local guards or Wizir and pressed into slavery (perhaps drugged at the Oasis of Dates, or just captured and enslaved). They must win their freedom.
  8. Wreckers: The party are hired to attack a trade caravan in the Kingdom of Karijah.
  9. A Weird Dingus: The party comes into possession of a strange item, one that a lot of people seem to want. Can they work out what it’s for and who it actually belongs to?
  10. The Worst Job: The party are hired by Jizah’s Wizirs to protect a tax collector as they make their rounds through the Kingdom.
  11. Escort Duty: The party are hired to escort a diplomat to a secret meeting, little knowing what’s in store for them afterwards.
  12. Rebel Rebel: A rebel army has risen in one of the Sphinx Kingdoms, the PCs are hired to help put it down, only to discover that the weapons the rebels wield come from Jawf and have been smuggled into the Kingdom.
  13. River Pirates: A gang of river pirates have set up to raid shipping going up one of Al-Shirkuh’s main rivers. The PCs must root them out, but it’s not as easy as it seems thanks to some sort of magic the pirates are employing (fog magic, invisibility spells etc).
  14. The Giant’s Oasis: While travelling the desert the party find that a Sand Giant has set up camp at an oasis and won’t let anyone drink from it unless they pay a toll, usually in the form of meat or a ‘bride’.
  15. The Corrupted Jinn: An escapee from the pillars sunk into the River Nyl is harassing a small settlement, apparently out of malice. It must be stopped before it destroys the town.
  16. The Saboteur: Someone is sabotaging the work on the reservoir on the river Tamil and the PCs are commissioned to find the culprit and bring them to justice.
  17. Winter is Coming: Harsh winds blowing down from the north have brought an unseasonally cold winter to Al-Shirkuh. The priests of Marqod hire the PCs to escort their party taking alms to the poor.
  18. The Spy: A friend of the PCs is revealed to be an agent working for a nearby rival to their home city. Captured by the state and threatened with execution, he implores the characters to help him escape his death, or failing that, to take some vital intelligence to his employers.
  19. Damn Dirty Monkeys!: A Baba has stolen a group of beautiful human women (arranging it through intermediaries) in an attempt to gain status in Jubbah.
  20. The Curse: The PCs are drawn into an attempt to work out if the Baba were once human, and must travel to Jubbah to investigate the city’s secrets.
  21. Mistaken Identity: Arriving at an Oasis, one PC find him or herself accused of being somebody else, someone thought dead years ago.
  22. A New Road: PCs are hired by Sheikh Omar of the Black Palm Oasis, to help cut a new road to Lost Tomb Oasis, by killing and dispersing various threats along the path the trade route will take.
  23. To the North: As Dry Water Oasis dries up, the PCs are hired to travel to Rassilon to find the source of the oasis’ demise.
  24. Water Source: A nearby oasis has become polluted. The party must clean it up, and find the party responsible.
  25. The Blessing: In the Kingdom of Mizdah, the PCs are hired to find a High Priestesss of Ashtart and bring her to bless the land in the hopes of restoring it’s fecundity.
  26. The Phantom Thief: A run of mysterious thefts has swept through the PC’s home city, leaving the authorities baffled. The items stolen have all been high quality, often magical, items and the only clue is a handful of threads.
  27. Raiders: A group of Orcs, Giants, or other villainous humanoids, are raiding the local caravan route and must be stopped.
  28. To Wake the Dead: A cult of Iblis has started raising the dead to try and takeover the city the PCs live in.
  29. The Accused: A mage who is versed in Khem-Hekau (Necromancy) is accused of an awful crime, one involving raising the dead. Can the PCs clear her name?
  30. Ghoul Town: In the catacombs of a city, a tribe of ghouls have set up camp. Can the PCs clear them out?
  31. Forbidden Knowledge: PCs are sent to recover some necromantic scrolls, racing against time as a cult of Iblis also hunts for them.
  32. Fire!: The PCs are invited to a festival for Geb-Agne when a local dignitary is assassinated when he leaps over the fire. Can they solve his murder?
  33. Desecration: A local shrine is desecrated, and the statue of the god broken, who can have been so foolish?
  34. The Cure: PCs are sent to collect rare ingredients to help cure a disease.
    • They have to travel into the Lizardmen’s jungle to get some of them, risking being captured or killed by the creatures.
  35. Library Heist: The PCs need to get some information about an arcane matter, and must steal it from a magically protected library.
  36. Ancient Knowledge: The PCs accompany a Paladin of Qedeshet to explore a set of ruins.
  37. Teaching the Forbidden: A Cleric of Qedeshet has been stoned to death by a mob, but why?
    • A scroll of evil knowledge has corrupted the Cleric and he has been spreading the knowledge, tainting more people.
  38. The Harem: The PCs are hired to escort all of a noble’s harem to a new palace, defending them from bandits and the noble’s enemies.
  39. The Prince of Thieves: A flashy thief is making a show of the city’s guard, making them look like bungling fools as he cuts a dash through the city. Worse, he claims to be the rightful heir to the throne, enraging the local ruler. Can the PCs find him and prove or disprove his claims?
  40. The Underworld: The local thieves have started to be bolder and have stolen far more than usual. What’s going on and who is their mysterious new chief?
  41. The Egg: The local Caliph or Sultan wants a Griffon or Hippogriff steed and needs someone to steal an egg from the nest of one of the creatures.
  42. Deception: A slaver is pretending to be a recruiter for the Mameluks, using this connections to take orphans and sell them into slavery.
  43. A Sailing Race: The Emirates have set out a challenge for someone to sail the entire way around Al-Shirkuh, using sand boats as well as water craft.
    • The race automatically attracts all sorts of attention, not only from legitimate sources but also from the underworld.
  44. A Rescue Party: One of the Sultan’s elite Pegasus Guards has been shot down. Now, the PCs must go out into the desert to rescue them, or bring the remains home.
  45. One Night at the Caravenserai: The PCs get drunk and wake to find themselves without their gear, halfway across the desert, where they’ve been dumped. Can they find their way home?
  46. The Wizir’s Gambit: It reads like something out of a common tale, a Wizir conspiring against his master. When one of the noble brotherhood approaches the PCs to betray his master, not everything is as it seems.
  47. Sewer Duty: The PCs are arrested for a petty crime and sent to clear the sewers of vermin and dangerous creatures.
    • The sewers are home to many rats, giant crabs, zombies, skeletons, trolls and other monsters. There’s also a shrine to Iblis down here, worshipped at by a small group of cultists who appeal to to the dark god for aid in seeking revenge, helping them succeed against what they see as unjust laws and so on.
    • They don’t realise that their high priest is one of the people making life unjust for them and that they are simply demented little dupes.
  48. A Run of Bad Luck: Tamarni has cursed one of the PCs and their luck has turned sour. Can the others help their friend out and fix the problem?
  49. Gold for the Mob: A series of rich men have been mugged in the streets of the city, and the Sultan has sent out his guards to find the culprits to no avail. Now, he turns to the PCs for help. Can they solve the mystery?
  50. The Rabble Rouser: The Nobles of Al Wazir have been pestered by a rabble rouser, who whips up the mob and points out their cruelties. The PCs just happen to be in the crowd when an assassin tries to kill the speaker. Will they help find out who ordered the hit or will they support the Nobles who want him to fall silent?
  51. Suleiman’s Stone: The pilgrims to the Stone fall sick one day for unknown reasons. While many physicians debate the problem, none of them come up with a solution. Could there be something strange afoot?
  52. The Prince’s Return: Osama, the elder brother of the Sultan of Al Wazir has returned to the city, to demand his throne.
  53. Messages from Home: Emira Rasha commissions the PCs to carry word to her daughter, who’s adventuring on the mainland. They must find Badra and ask her to come home, to help deal with a crisis before the moon is in the fifth house of the stars (a couple of months away). Given that Badra swore only to return home when she had made her name, the PCs are going to have to help her out.
  54. Finding a Master: The PCs are asked by a would be wizard to help her find a tutor in the Medinat Al-Jinn.
  55. The Prank Season: The Jinn of Medinar Al-Jinn are up to mischief, making all sorts of problems. The PCs must find out why and help sort it out.
  56. Accused: A Storm Dragon has accused a city of stealing its treasure, threatening them with destruction unless they pay back the gold and treasures they stole. The problem is nobody knows what the Dragon is talking about. Is there a solution that will satisfy both parties?
  57. Any Fort in a Storm: The PCs are forced to take shelter with an enemy because of a fierce storm. Will they survive the experience?
  58. Danger to Shipping: Ships are vanishing and nobody knows why. It’ll be lucrative if anyone can solve the riddle.
  59. The Long Holiday: The PCs are sent to retrieve a merchant, wizir, or agent who’s two week trip to Tamarah ended six months ago. Will they find him?
    • He’s dead, having been sacrificed to Iblis
    • He’s been corrupted and enslaved by a cursed idol and now scratches a living from the city’s detritus.
  60. The Concern of Cats: Whilst in Tamarah the PCs are approached by the cult of Tamarni who are concerned that something perverse is going on in the city. Can the PCs find the cause and put a stop to it?
  61. The Night Market: In Qarah, the PCs must find some dangerous magic scrolls that are being smuggled into the city from somewhere (or is that out of the city?)
    • The source is the grand library where the Librarians are on the take.
    • A Demon Librarian has incarnated in the grand library, and is inscribing new scrolls that will summon more of its kind to Al-Shirkuh.
  62. Beware the Guard: Qarah’s guard is making life hard for the alchemists community because they want them to infuse hashish with a particular solution that will make it more potent, but also more addictive. So far the alchemists have refused.
  63. Busman’s Holiday: The PCs are taking a break, trying to relax after a series of hard adventures when something happens that draws them back into adventuring. (Go to Tamarah they said, it’ll be fun, they said).
  64. Lost Noble: A Nobleman has ventured into the under city in Suknah and now the PCs must go and get him back…
  65. Piece by Piece: Tired of paying blackmail money to an unknown source a powerful individual has decided to put a stop to it, and has sent some useful idiots… I mean PCs along to find out who the blackmailer is and to bring them in for ‘justice’.
  66. False Flags: In recent months both the Caliphate and the Sultanate have suffered raids along their joint border, and blame each other. The real culprits, however, are a group of cunning bandits who are trying to exploit the situation for their own gain.
    • They’re using Sand Magic to wipe away their tracks and to plant false trails.
  67. Thief’s Lament: A pickpocket has stolen something surprising, an amulet of Iblis. He doesn’t know who he stole it from, only that he wants rid of it as quickly as possible. Could some friendly meddling types help a poor thief out, and unravel the mystery of which of the city’s rich and powerful is in league with the Lord of Chaos?
  68. Tin Men: the Industrial Complex at Salih has been co-opted by the forces of the City of Iron, a continent away. Unbeknownst to everyone, they’re an army of metal men to conquer the western coast.
  69. Earthquake Weather: An earthquake shakes the local area, freeing an ancient evil.
  70. Tomb Raiding: Nuff Said
    • The PCs are hired as bodyguards for a tomb raider, and have to keep him alive as he pokes around in an old Hekata tomb.
    • The Curse of the Mummy: While doing their tomb raiding the PCs fall under a curse.
  71. The Mysterious Island: A strange bank of fog descended off the coast and when it lifted a new island was there. There’s an impressive reward for anyone who’ll investigate.
    • The Island is actually a Demonic trap, designed to lure foolish people to it.
    • Filled with a thousand and one delights the Island can satisfy almost any desire.
    • The Island only stays on ‘Earth’ for 12 days, then it goes back, taking it’s victims with it.
    • There’s a clock in the middle of the island that chimes the hour. At midnight on the last day when it chimes the hour, the Island will vanish on the last chime. Perhaps if the clock were broken, it wouldn’t be able to go back to Hell.
  72. The Consultation: Dreams, omens and such draw the PCs to the Well of Marids, where a task awaits them.
  73. Marriage Guidance: A rich man wants the Marid at the Well of Marids to augur the future for his daughter’s marriage. Since he can’t go himself, guess who gets to do the deed?
  74. Suleiman’s Prison: The Marid of the Well wants its freedom, can the PCs help, and do they trust the ancient Jinn enough to do anything about it?
  75. Relic War: The characters get caught up in rivalry between two tome raiders, who steal each other’s finds regularly.
  76. Waters of the Ankh: A scholar (secretly a necromancer) wants a vial of the Ankh’s water for testing and research. PCs away!
  77. The Wedding Present: A royal wedding is happening in the Caliphate. Can the PCs get the Caliph’s wedding present to his new bride; a diamond created in the heat of the Heart of Fire’s volcanos?
  78. Scavenger Duty: The PCs are hired to do security for a merchant who specialises in clearing battlefields of the fallen soldiers’ equipment. It isn’t so much rivals he fears, as the Ghuls that descend on such places.
  79. Revenger’s Tragedy: A young Bedu, who’s family have been wiped out by a mysterious creature is on it’s trail, determined to find revenge for her family. Can the PCs help out?
  80. A Reign of Terror: The Sons of the Sand have started to strike at cities, trying to destroy them. The latest victim, whoever that is in your game, has sworn revenge on the terrorists, and is offering good money for Bedu heads (not realising that the villains aren’t simply a disgruntled group of Bedu).
  81. Puppet on a String: The Sisterhood of the Seven Veils have managed to take over a city, albeit through a puppet male ruler. What will they do with the power, and are they friends or enemies?
  82. A Jar’s Ajar: The Penitents have come to wherever the PCs are based to find one of the great jinn, in their copper jars. Will the PCs help, or hinder, them?
  83. The Auction: The Lord of the Al-Korsar has announced that he will hold an auction of a rare item, one doubtless plundered from someone else. The PCs are hired by an interested party (or asked by a friend) to go along and see what this mysterious item is, and help them liberate it, by fair means or foul.
  84. The Menagerie: The Caliph has decided he wants a rare creature for his new menagerie. The PCs are hired to go and capture the beast.
  85. Shipwrecked: Washed up after a storm (possibly caused by a Storm Dragon), the PCs find themselves on Cannibal Isle, with no equipment. Can they survive?
  86. The Embassy Lark: The Sphinxes of the Sphinx Kingdoms have had a rare moment of agreement and decided that they need to deal with the Gatormen of Salt Marsh for some commodity. Unwilling to trust their rivals’ soldiers or emissaries, they’ve hit on the policy of sending a group of adventurers to trade for whatever they want that the Gators can provide.
  87. Rebuilding: A group of Cakali want to resettle the Plains of Ash, working to make them bloom again and have a homeland of their own. They need warm bodies to help though, enter the PCs.
  88. The Golden Road: Despite Jadid’s Guards best efforts the Golden Road has fallen prey to attacks from the local Orcs and bandits. Something suggests that someone is feeding them information, but who?
  89. Guard Duty: The PCs are working with a caravan, to provide protection. When a group of Bedu pursue the caravan accusing the leader of being a thief and murderer, what are they to make of it? There’s a mystery to solve.
  90. Suspicious Times: The PCs are hired by agents of Jadid to investigate a small settlement in the Sphinx lands that seems to be designed to house some sort of trade deterrent. With the city’s fortunes in the balance, they need to find out what it is and destroy it if necessary.
  91. A Favourite Spice: The flow of spices from the Jade Empire has dried up, unexpectedly. Can the PCs find the plants and help create a spice garden?
  92. The Numbers Game: As fear of the return of the Hekata Liches grows, the PCs are sent to find out the numbers of troops the Liche-Pharaoh is likely to have. Will they succeed, or just add to the tally of soldiers?
  93. Signs of the Gods: Strange signs are being reported, it seems as if the gods are reaching out to communicate with the world. Are these real, or simply mirages, or fever dreams?
  94. Strange Sails: The Anari have returned, to try and reclaim their lost cities. As the advance parties begin to land, the PCs risk being dragged into a war. Worse, wherever these strangers go, they bring cold and a storm is following them.
  95. Artistic Inspiration: An artist wants to paint the PCs, to record their deeds. But something magical is going on, the more detailed the portrait becomes, the weaker and more lethargic the PCs become.
  96. Games’: A group of Orcs capture the PCs and force them to fight each other to win their freedom.
  97. Undying Fire: The Herald of Geb-Agni appears to the PCs to get them to make the fires of the Al-Shirkuh hotter, in an attempt to beat back the approaching Hellfrost.
  98. Water Thieves: A group of people have stolen water from Marqod’s, the PCs must find them. The thieves have committed their crime to heal someone, who had fallen out favour with Sheikh Fazir. Fearful that they would not be able to take the water if they told the truth, they stole it instead. Can the PCs help them make restitution, save their friend and balance the books?
  99. Stop the Wedding: A sumptuous wedding is underway, between a widow and a young man who has wooed her after the death of her husband. Partway through the ceremony, someone claiming to be her dead husband crashes the ceremony. Is he really the long lost love, or an imposter after the widow’s money?
  100. My Purse!: Someone has stolen the PCs money (pickpocketed it while they were enjoying themselves), who dared to do it and can the PCs find them?
  101. The Lizardmen Cometh: The northern Lizardmen have conquered Sudmark and their armies are marching south to conquer the warmer lands. Dinosaurs have already been seen in the Grasslands and the vanguard of the great army has reached Salt Marsh. Can the PCs muster enough allies to turn them back? This may be the making, or breaking, of them and all their old allies, and enemies are watching.

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