Thursday, 15 March 2018

Stories, Books and Facebook

Okay, apparently my Facebook account has been reactivated because I clicked on a message that came up from Messenger on my phone. I won't be going back to delete it, as I don't want to risk getting hooked again. So, have fun looking at my perfectly preserved in Aspic account.

In the meantime, I'm ecstatic to say that I have a story in Armored Fox Press' The Swordmaster's Tale anthology, which I think will be out next year (I would link to it but that would mean doing stuff with Facebook so... yeah).

I'm also happy to announce that Kristell Ink's Infinite Dystopias has its debut on the 31st May and I have a story in it! So please, get a copy ordered and make sure you get the anthology. It's going to be hot!

Um, that's it, so bye for now. Take care.