Thursday, 8 March 2018

Ch Ch Changes

First of all, Happy International Women's Day.

Second, yes there's an International Men's Day. If you cared about it, you'd have Googled it by now.

Thirdly, yes we do need it. End of.

Anyway, that was my cunning lure to get you to read the blog, which isn't about International Women's Day at all (aside of 'rarr, this is a cool, necessary, day so suck it up, whiners). I actually want to do a quick catch up because I haven't actually blogged since June last year. Bad Stevie, no biscuit!

I don't really know why this is, I mean my mental health was playing at being a yo-you for a lot of last year, and I was trying to work on my first novel (which is now done, aside from tiny changes that Tess Barnes, beta reader extraordinaire, is finding as she makes her second trawl through my lovely book (it really is a lovely book, I'm ever so proud of writing it... sucker that I am) but I'm embarrassed to say I sort of just forgot to blog... Make of that what you will.

So, anyway, I'm going to try and resurrect the blog for a number of reasons. First of which, I'm deleting all my social media profiles aside from Google Plus, which I don't really use, and probably, LinkedIn and Twitter... because they might be useful for getting work and professional networking. Facebook and other sites I'm on will be gone by this evening, making Shores of Night they only place that will have details of things I'm publishing and my writing career. I'll try to talk about stuff I'm doing as well but, in another big change, there won't be politics or philosophy on the blog from now on. Partly because I don't think talking politics on the web does anything apart from facilitating ego stroking, and partly because my experience of debating anything that's to do with 'real world'* stuff is that I will invariably be in the wrong and I'm tired of that shit. When someone actually shifts their political beliefs because of the internet, Satan** will be driving to work in a snow plough. Lastly, from the perspective of trying to earn a buck (while I'm here, please feel free to click on an ad link) I don't think I've made any sales for things like Weird Ales or Fallen by being on Facebook, so there's literally no point to being on there from a sales perspective.

It's also because I have a lamentable habit of logging into Facebook and other social media sites and staying all day, and I don't want to do that. So this is about taking back my time, my energy and not feeling like I'm a freak because I don't care about a host of things that everybody else finds fulfilling (while I feel that the things I like are brushed under the carpet, mostly because they don't involve television or film).

In the meantime, I'll post more about my cats, about writing and world-building, about poetry (I'm working on a collection that has the subtitle 'poems I was foolish enough to put the internet'), personal growth and Myer Briggs stuff, and some gaming things, as I'm currently reading the Hellfrost books and planning to put together a little fief for the setting that will be a free download!

That's it, really. I'm listening to a lot of 1990s Indie at the moment so I'll leave you with the Manic Street Preachers Motorcycle Emptiness.

* Whatever that is, I'm honestly no longer sure.
** Not that he exists but it's a nice turn of phrase.

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