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My name is Steve Cotterill and I'm a writer, poet, gamer, and a few other things besides. This is my blog, which seems to have mostly turned into writing and book reviews... Oops.

My writing hasn't appeared in a huge number of places (yet) but I'm working on it. You can find it in the pages of Cogzine, where I'm writing an urban steampunk serial (think urban fantasy but steampunk) about an angel trapped in London and what happens as a consequence of her being there, and a story has been published in the third Asylum anthology from the Last Line: http://thelastline.yolasite.com/about-us.php. I've also had some stories published on free websites, and have a number of others out waiting to be published. Lastly I'm building a serial on this very website, an urban fantasy story of two boys, a fox and a gate into Faerie. As you might have guessed by this point, I tend towards urban fantasy, steampunk and horror.

I've been fortunate enough to win the August 2013 editors choice prize at Fiction Vortex for Whispers in the Flame. You can find it here: http://www.fictionvortex.com/

My longer projects include a post apocalyptic vampire trilogy, a mythic Asia trilogy, the Goth book and my final project, which is going to be a book of short stories. I'm very bad at finishing things but I'm determined to get these things done; especially as I've wanted to be a full time writer for about 30 years (yeah, procrastination much?).

Please note that all views and opinions are mine and not reflective of my employers', the place I'm studying or anybody else's (though quite what the former would say about the stuff I usually blog about I have no idea).

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