Monday, 2 April 2012



See her reflection in the water

Child of invention, divinity’s daughter

The widest eyes, the palest skin

She’s wilfully starved and painfully thing

Dark moons ride beneath her eyes

And the land between her thighs

Is undiscovered, a mystery

In her eyes lies a sorrow

In the shadow of their hollows

Lonely and wild she rides

And in her, all her hopes hide

Beneath old dust sheets in her mind

All her dreams are lost inside

And struggle to be free

Spider fingers and scorpion tongue

Express her hate of this iron lung

Of a world that she lives in

Prefers the worlds she keeps within

Only emerging to feast at dusk

Full of vampires, wolves and lusts

The measure of her dreams

The graveyard truly is her home

Amongst the memories and bones

At midnight that’s where she’ll be

With a book and a sprig of rosemary

Like Ophelia cold and dead

She’ll weep, tears so sweetly shed

For everything that’s real

And hiding there at midnight

Standing in the cold half light

She seems so very frail

Her passion was to no avail

No solace here for her heart

Her world slowly pulled apart

Until it bled away

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