Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Cat Poem

This is a poem I wrote in the wake of seeing David Morley talk last week. I don't think of myself as much of a poet, and the actual verse feels rough and ready to me so I may come back to edit it and polish later on but  I thought I'd put it up, along with a picture of its inspiration.

She slumbers between my feet
A crucible for a resting goddess
Child of Bast, perfect in her niche
No matter how she shirks it

My hips, spread, do her worship
Suffering, patient, to keep her snug
Until pain forces movement;
Revealing her, grudging, to the world

Once awake her voice will rise
To make her conversation dulcet
Whichever mode she chooses
Her song, roused, will shatter peace

Her questing paw will seal her point
To articulate urgent, pagan demands
For sleep, play, food and other tributes
She lets slip her shadow self, a wild princess

Now she rests in sun’s warm light
Dreams of hunts she’ll never make
Her snore rumbles, engine in a feline breast
I rise, breaking her nest, and greet the day

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