Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Poetry Test

One of the things I'm hoping to launch in the next few weeks is a poetry podcast, with my good friend Kirstin Steitz, an amazing poet who lives over on the other side of the puddle in Missouri. She has a poetry blog over at  http://ohmyfoes.blogspot.co.uk and her work's pretty awesome.

As a test I've recorded a piece of my own poetry, which I'm uploading here as it's an old piece. Hope you enjoy (and that I don't make too much of a pig's ear of it *grin*).

The idea for this comes from David Morley, one of Warwick University's Professor's in Writing, who often posts videos of himself reading his poems in the countryside to YouTube. As such it's something I want to explore, a way to get more people listening to, and enjoying, my work.