Saturday, 8 June 2013

Good News and a Glass Half Full

Okay, so this is the week that I got my last mark for my MA - I only did two modules this year, next year I'll do three, probably Screenwriting as my final option and then I'm into the compulsory modules of Reading Into Writing and the Dissertation, which I'm planning to do about fear and it's power.

For my Fiction mark I got a 62. It's dependent on the exam board but it means that I've got two marks in the 60s - so two commendations. As a result I'm starting to put very tentative feelers out about doing a PhD in English - I know what I'd want to do it on and I'm starting to think that I'd be quite good at it. I should be able to get fee waivers, so as long as I can line up work to pay the bills I think it's possible.

I'm hoping to hear good news on that front soon.

Today I've sent three stories off to see if I can get them published. Crows has gone to Corvus magazine (who published the Letter last year). I've sent Six Circlets to a magazine called Fantasy Short Stories, I hope the post apocalyptic flavour to the proceedings doesn't put them off. Lastly I've sent Whispers in the Flame to a magazine called New Myths. So I have my fingers and toes crossed that they'll all get published. A lot of my afternoon was spent reformatting Whispers and retouching some of the writing so hopefully I've made it into a stronger piece.

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