Sunday, 16 March 2014

Songs You Owe To Other People

A lot of the songs I like were 'given' to me by friends or family. Some come from when I started going out with Eve, others from meeting people like Bert Wolverson. The music these people gave me was very different from what I'd found for myself and provided new directions to explore. I wouldn't have  discovered these by myself, I don't think; apart from possibly the James track as I was a teenager at the time when the Indie explosion happened.

1) Deliverance by the Mission (Eve Weaver)

This is one of the songs that Eve gave me on a tape after we just started going out (it was after we'd played Mage, the songs were about magic, children and dreams - loosely modelled on the plot of the game). We were exchanging a lot of letters about all sorts of things. We were talking about if I was going to go Goth or not. The opening hit me in just the right place, electrifying me and I was hooked when the music spilled out.

2) Snake Dance by the March Violets (Cara McKee)

Another track from my time at Uni. Cara filled up about five tapes with songs by various bands, Rosetta Stone, Children on Stun, The March Violets and others. Snake Dance is the track that really stuck in my head and I adore it. I saw the March Violets at Eddies a few years ago and the song was even better live!

3) Holy Diver by Dio (Herbert Wolverson)

I didn't used to like Metal - not traditional stuff anyway. I loved the early Manics but nothing like Iron Maiden or Dio, or Alice Cooper. I met Bert through Eve and heard more stuff (it was sort of odd, I was in Ormskirk and he in Hulll but I consider him one of my best friends even now... and he's lived in the States for the past decade and a half). He did me a tape of Dio songs and this was the one that stuck, probably because it seems to be about a cat.

4) Sit Down by James (Jenny Staton)

When my sister went to Bristol University she came back with lots of new ideas and new music. Indie was catching on, but hadn't yet blossomed into Britpop.

5) Sword of Damocles by Lou Reed (Lesley and Trevor Davies)

The last song was another university find, when a friend impressed on me the importance of Lou Reed. They played a lot of Magic and Loss, the album about one of Lou's friends dying of cancer and whilst it's not a particularly cheerful it stuck with me, morbid little git that I am. As ever with Lou Reed, there are bonus points for just how dense and rich the lyrics are.

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