Thursday, 7 May 2015


I feel a little wistful today, so here are some wishes.

I wish I didn't procastinate so much.

I wish I was better with people.

I wish I was stronger.

I wish my stomach didn't clench like a fist when I'm nervous or worried.

And I wish I didn't worry so much.

I wish Eve wasn't ill, or that someone/something could just make her better.

I wish Hobbes and Dita could stay with us forever, the short lifespan of our animal friends seems so cruel at times.

I wish it didn't seem like the world is slipping further down the spiral to just being completely fucked up. 

I wish we were doing more about Climate Change, all this fiddling about with the economy and so on seems somewhat moot if we're on track to screw the world we live in over to the point that the planet turns actively hostile.

I wish my friends could all have happy, fulfilling lives without competing with each other.

I wish I didn't like all the things that are bad for  me.

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