Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ad Copy for World of Darkness Games

Do you think these work?
I'm just playing around with potential ads for some of the games I'm thinking of running.  The World of Darkness is often the setting I feel the most affinity for and find easiest to put things together for; I find that Vampire and Werewolf are quite comfortable.

These are the ads that I've put together for Vampire and Werewolf, which I find the easiest to come up with stuff for.  I'll see about adding images and things when I'm more certain of what I want to run. As I'm aiming for accessibility I'm not so sure about Mage now I have to admit, but the list is fluctuating  a little. 

Vampire Dark Ages/Masquerade (same game but different time periods really)
Bloody Crowns

A city divided
Two courts, in opposition
Set upon victory or death
 Dark forces loose on Paris' streets
And interlopers at the gates

When the shadows come down
And all light is extinguished
Where will you stand
Where will you fall
Where will the Beast claim you as its own

A dark game of politics, fear and terror in a world of shadows. Light a Gaulloise, pull on your leathers and step into the night to feast amongst the Bloody Crowns.

Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition/Dark Ages Revised Edition

Werewolf the Forsaken
Concrete Jungle
The Beast has fallen.
The Uratha have reclaimed the city, dividing it into territories.
A grand convocation has sworn peace between the werewolf packs.
All seems right in the land.
And yet…
The city's spirits creep back into their places, growing in confidence as they flex their power.
The Pure make their presence felt
The Hosts crawl from their hiding places
Chaos spreads through the city as they run riot.
How far will you go to hold your domain?

A game of savage horror in the shadows of Paris.
Tame your territory. Find your totem. Watch your back.
Werewolf the Forsaken (1st Edition)

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