Friday, 3 July 2015

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The Strange & Numenera

The Bestiary

An alien machine
A database of marvels… and monsters
A quest to catalogue the fauna and flora of the multiverse
Unlikely heroes lost in a web of worlds

Join the quest to explore new worlds and catalogue their species.
Plunge into the Strange Dark Energy Network

A campaign for the Strange

Will you ever make it home?

Strange Horizons

The bodies were found in a Rio de Janeiro nightclub
A new drug was in their system
Something that isn’t local….
That isn’t from Earth.

Now the hunt is on for the source
An investigation that will lead to new worlds
New dangers

A campaign for the Strange

Run to the edge, don’t look back.

Numenera: Impossible City

A city in the middle of the desert
A map to something strange
And conspiracy lurking in the shadows
Will you discover the city’s secrets?
Will you break its code?
Or perish amongst its ever changing avenues?

Join the University’s expedition and discover the secrets of the Impossible City

Beware the City
Beware the Light


The Nine Worlds are waiting

The long winter is ebbing
Ice cracks in the fjords
Spring is in the air

Take up arms and fight
Take up your lute and play
Take your oars and row

The Nine Worlds are waiting

For good or ill

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