Friday, 22 July 2016

FFF: Songs for an Urban Fantasy

As I think I've said many times before, I love Urban Fantasy. So much so that I've actually started writing some (set in Birmingham)  - I won't say more but fingers are crossed that something cool will come out of it.

In that spirit, I thought I'd look for some songs to serve as inspiration.

Depeche Mode: World in My Eyes

Enticing us to step into the dark, to see the world differently, this song seems to sum up what all fiction is all about, but because we are an urban species now, this feels like a call to see past the hoardings and shop fronts to look at the cities we live in with fresh eyes and see the magic hiding there. Step off the path you know, wander into the dark a bit and see what's lurking out there.

Die Laughing: Safe Little World

As a complete counterbalance to that idea of stepping into the dark, this song serves as a warning in some ways, suggesting that going too far might not do you the world of good. Clinging to some sort of normality (whatever that is) will always be necessary. Who knows what you might lose if you stray too far. Like everything it's a question of balance.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Red Right Hand

Another word of caution, from Mr. Cave, as we saunter into twilight, this time, that here be dragons, and the darkness seethes with temptations. Traveller, beware.

The Ting Tings: Great DJ

Describing a particularly, peculiarly, modern form of magic, this song catches the 'street' elements of the Urban Fantasy genre, that idea that magic could be anywhere, just waiting to spring forth and spread out into the world. Dancing and music are traditional elements in a lot of forms of magic(k) and can be transformative acts. They make perfect tools for navigating the modern occult too, if only because they're so common. Want to commune with a deity, hit the dance floor and dance your way to nirvana.

The Wonderstuff: Caught in My Shadow

An actual song about Birmingham, this seems, to sum up, the 'return' to the normal, sunlit, world of safety.

And that's your five.

Which songs would you choose for this sort of thing? What's on your writing or reading song list?

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