Thursday, 6 September 2018

Where I am now


I thought I should post a quick update, just to say what's going on with me.

One good thing is that I'm working, or at least working in an office with other people (gasp), and getting things done. It's just temp work but it's nicer than trying to scratch a freelance living. I don't want to go too far into this but... it's actually quite nice to have more people around, and they're actually not too... well they're nice. My mental health difficulties seem to be under control.. or at least if they're not that they're behaving and not kicking up a huge fuss.

And again, that's nice.

Other than that, my PhD Proposal is progressing but I'm back to reading and wrangling as I try to put stuff into order and hope that I can get somewhere. I'm sending Streets of Rage out to Agents to see if I can go via the traditional publishing route, and trying to finish the various short stories I have to finish (as well as cranking up the gears to write new stuff specifically for anthologies... I confess I'm not sure how much point there is in just writing random short stories anymore, but the ones I'm working on are in part my attempts to write 'proof of concept' pieces for my PhD).

Something seems to have changed in me, perhaps thanks to getting some well meaning 'boots up the bum' from various people I know both online and in real life. Eve and I are separating/divorcing and it's only this month that I've started to venture out, trying to make a new life for myself rather than cogitating the old one. Perhaps I started doing that a while ago, going out to find new people to play roleplaying games with (I seem to have stumbled into maybe running a game of Vampire: Dark Ages using the 20th Anniversary rules and am ecstatic that at least one player really enjoyed it - to the extent of emailing me to say so afterwards) and now I'm exploring my, well... other stuff that's interested me for a long, long, time and which I never really got much chance to do anything about. And I'm enjoying it and though it's daunting, I find that it's fulfilling so far, and I'm hopefully finding places I fit.

Which for a boy who's always worried that he doesn't do that (fit, I mean), is extremely nice.

So, yeah, hopefully things are going okay and they're helping me grow and change and become a better, more rounded person.

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