Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Google Plus

So, I see that Google Plus is shutting down, which is a shame. I don't really do social media these days (I think I have a Twitter account but I don't really use it, and I'm on LinkedIn, which again, I don't really use. I wasn't really a prolific Google Plus user either but I liked what I saw and it felt a lot cleaner than other social media networks (SMNs). I liked the simplicity of it and, over time, it grew to feel a hell of a lot less creepy than Facebook.

I've grown to not really be a huge fan of social media, if only because I think it encourages oversharing (and that's what this blog is for... lol).

At present you can find me on Twitter and... that's pretty much it at present, though I am going to try and work up a website for almost everything I write.

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