Monday, 29 April 2019

Self Publishing, the Adventure Continues

So, the button has been pressed and the Kindle versions of the two books have been sent off to be fully processed and finally see 'print'. After that I'm going to get the paperback, print on demand, versions done so you can get them in dead tree versions.

My friend Emma created a wonderful pair of covers for me (and she's going to have a steady flow of work from me now - as long as I'm self publishing she'll be my cover artist), and you can see that below.

This is the cover for Forest Brides, a sort of Swords and Sorcery collection that focuses on the women dwelling in a huge forest, and the ways that they're free to grow and be who they want to be instead of being constrained by the rules of their society. I wrote this because I wanted to explore the various roles of women in myth, be that as mothers, monsters, witches, scapegoats, or psychopomps. I haven't quite finished with the area and there'll be a couple more books, at the very least, before I'm happy with that. At the very least I want to get some novels out of the setting and expand the world to make sure that I've explored it fully.

I'm really looking forward to doing that, I must admit, and want to pick up on the various strands that I've planted in the stories in Forest Brides, especially some of the elements in Hyena.  At present my plan for that is to write more about Tak and the way he never really escapes the influence of the Forest Brides in his own adventures.

There are some things I want to get written before I embark on that though, so while I hope you love the book and want to tell all your friends to buy it, you're going to have to wait for a bit before I get to work on the novel(s).

The other book, A Strange and Sudden Fury, is going to be out too!
It's hard to express how excited I am by that, and how much I'm looking forward to writing more of the characters' adventures. My protagonist, Armitage, in particular gets under my skin and I want to make him shine, by exploring who he is and what he's done in the past. And, of course, what happens when some of the chickens come home to roost.

I'm also fascinated by the city of Birmingham, and want to delve under its surface, both into it's history and into the accidental collisions of architecture, the occult, folklore and the like. I want the city to be a character on its own and to have readers recognise the place easily and quickly. This may be a bit harder than I make it sound because (spoilers) I did kill of the spiritus locus of the place in Fury (/spoilers).

Right, I have to get back to the day job, and set my brain to growing the next book.

Take care.

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