Monday, 11 February 2013

Blog Roulette 2 and some other bits and pieces

Many thanks to the people who suggested subjects for me to write about. I ended up with five topics and haven't managed to get Eve and Emma to roll dice for them yet. Tonight, tonight I swear it.

There should be more poetry up today as well, both at the Transatlantic Project and at my Soundcloud account (which I feel I'm neglecting).

I'm working out story skeletons for various bits and bobs, not sure if they'll go to anthologies or to short story magazines as yet.  I'm working on some non genre fiction for my MA, including a piece about a group of gamers that have to deal with the fallout of one of their number becoming extremely lucky all of a sudden. The other piece I'm going to write is still up in the air, I quite like the idea of doing a love story about two bibliophiles who's love falls apart. It'll be bittersweet but should be fun to write.

Beyond that, well things are feeling a little daunting and I'm not sure where I'm going. All I can do is keep on keeping on, struggling to find time and space to write and actually sit down and do it (things have slipped recently and in part its because things feel crowded and difficult; and I feel like I'm letting everyone down. I find it hard to reconcile being a good husband and friend with being a good writer).

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