Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blog Roulette

Stolen from LM Cooke in a fit of pure villainy! (Mwahahahahahahaha)

You can find the original post here:

Power to the people as Wolfie Smith once said. He may have said it more than once. You may not know who he was or why he said it.* 

Either way it serves as a pointless and random introduction to


On what topic should I write my next blog? You decide!

Send me some titles and I'll pick one at random.

Depending on what the suggestions are the blog may be:

A micro story (of variable theme, mood and possibly quality)

A meandering discussion of something 

Some poetry

Or something else...

The Rules

Just send me a subject, as weird, woolly and wicked as you like (within reason, don't go overboard okay?).

It can be one word or a more of an essay style thing (so 'jelly' is fine as is ' the state of the nation'). The challenge is to come up with something in response to what you suggest.

I'll make a random choice on Sunday 10th February via the wife and housemate dicing method and then get writing. :)

Feel free to comment on my output,  especially if its gone somewhere different to your original idea.