Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blog Roulette

Stolen from LM Cooke in a fit of pure villainy! (Mwahahahahahahaha)

You can find the original post here:

Power to the people as Wolfie Smith once said. He may have said it more than once. You may not know who he was or why he said it.* 

Either way it serves as a pointless and random introduction to


On what topic should I write my next blog? You decide!

Send me some titles and I'll pick one at random.

Depending on what the suggestions are the blog may be:

A micro story (of variable theme, mood and possibly quality)

A meandering discussion of something 

Some poetry

Or something else...

The Rules

Just send me a subject, as weird, woolly and wicked as you like (within reason, don't go overboard okay?).

It can be one word or a more of an essay style thing (so 'jelly' is fine as is ' the state of the nation'). The challenge is to come up with something in response to what you suggest.

I'll make a random choice on Sunday 10th February via the wife and housemate dicing method and then get writing. :)

Feel free to comment on my output,  especially if its gone somewhere different to your original idea.


  1. Hmmm... we had to write something for my creative writing class, called 'the sound of my voice' - it was actually more interesting than I'd anticipated, so I'd like to blatantly steal that and give it to you.

  2. 1) The secret life of grasshoppers
    2) what I think when I can't sleep
    3) The Nicest Smell in the World.