Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Right, that's it. I've come to a decision.

You should probably put that in your diaries or something.

Anyway, as I've said I've come to a decision. To whit, I've decided to have a huge push at my novel, Fatal Thirst (now on the docket to be the first in the Tantalus Trilogy) in addition to the work for University. I've decided to do this because I think I need long form work finished and ready for the time I complete my course and am subsequently casting about for stuff to do. Having something finished and ready to be published would be a really good position to be in at that point I think. My goal is to finish the rough of book one by Christmas. I think I only have about 50 or 70 thousand more words to write to get that done so it should be doable. I just have to focus and stop fannying about and letting myself get distracted.

This means that I need to adopt a more stringent approach to work than I have had - I need to start applying Heinlein's first law rather vigorously in fact. To this end I'm probably going to be clearing the decks of everything I can to make headway, sorting out my writing space (again - sigh) and just getting on with it. Which probably means my already sporadic posting record here is likely to get worse, though I'll try to put something up at least once a week.

I do have short stories to write, which is mostly going to be the Forest Women anthology I'm hoping to pitch to a small press next year some Markov stories and some attempts to work out what Urban Fantasy Birmingham's like (amongst others - the number of shorts I have to write is just silly to be honest), but the novel has to be the focus now. At least I have an idea of what needs to happen to deepen the plot and make it a more compelling read.

In the meantime I'm going to be at Andromeda One this Saturday (it's a writing event, I'm allowed out for those); so if anybody who reads the blog is likely to be there then hopefully I'll see you there!

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