Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Norsemen, Norsemen Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

So we chatted about gaming last night, just to check where things were with the group and decided to keep playing Shadowrun and keep to our current structure - short adventures with call backs that link things together. Our Shadowrun GM has plans to spirit the group off to Europe and UCAS (not the admissions service) for a while whilst the heat dies down.

I asked the players to look at the games I had on my list and they decided to play Yggdrasil, so I have a year to tilt at that windmill and build something awesome. Unsurprisingly I already have ideas about the game, its just a matter of getting everything down on paper and statted up, but that should be fun in itself. Its something I'll be doing very slowly because of my course and plotting and planning to do a PhD.

So far my plans involve a mcguffin, some breathtaking scenery and as much skullduggery, monster hunting and low cunning as you can shake a stick at. Oh and much drinking of ale and mead too. 

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