Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Novelising: an Update

I've been working away at Fatal Thirst for the last week or so, trying to make it my top priority whilst I wait for course stuff to start happening.

It's been interesting, as I've been ploughing through the part of the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo two years ago taking the opportunity to expand pieces of it to add what I hope are more depth and flavour. Its giving me a chance to explain how things work and think through the consequences. I'm revisiting many of the characters - part of what I'm doing with the manuscript (it feels odd to call it that, when it only exists in digital format) is fleshing out the other character arcs in the book to make them fuller.

Its quite gratifying one one level to see that the stuff I wrote two years ago isn't entirely rubbish, but it has needed a fair amount of tweaking and reading it back I find that questions arise - why did x happen, how does y effect the fall out? All of which suggests I need to do more planning and development before I commit too many more words to... screen, though that said I'd like to get what I have down and established so that I can focus on the next part.

I'm pleased to say I've largely managed to get writing done every day - last Thursday was a bust because of migraine and I ended up focusing on other work over the weekend (foolish boy that I am I managed to leave my data stick at work) but otherwise I've done something each day and whilst I'm not at the full 2000 words per day yet ala Stephen King, I'm also not at the James Joyce level of 11 words and wondering what order they go in.

So... stuff is happening at least.

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