Sunday, 13 October 2013



Its been quiet in my neck of the woods, there's been the Birmingham Literature Festival, but I only went to two events, Rosie Garland's book launch and the New Voices which featured Emma Newman. Beyond that I'm back at Uni, studying Screenwriting this time (and torn between doing a Viking Vengeance plot or a weird thing inside the head of a woman in a coma which is very Matrix/Inception like in my head). I've abandoned at least two ideas for my dissertation and it now looks as if I'm going to be doing a book of short stories spinning out of Sacrifices which I hope will allow me to have something to take to market once the course is over - I'm sort of terrified of having wasted two years.

I'm ploughing on with Fatal Thirst and getting somewhere with it, albeit more slowly than I'd like. I'm sure it'll get there, but writing this post is making me glad that I've decided to drop gaming for a while as it's making me realise how much I have to do.

Reading-wise, I've just finished off All is Fair by Emma Newman and I've nearly reached the end of the Trader's War, book two of the Merchant Princes by Charles Stross - reading both has been odd as I've realised that despite the separation of genres the two narratives are very similar in many respects.

Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes has been good so far (I started it last week, because my Kindle ran out of power and I couldn't be bothered to charge it), but does run the danger of being abandoned if the dog getting hurt is too traumatic as that's a hot button issue for me. The way its constructed is hard to read, and I imagine it was hard to write too so I admire Lauren for managing to get the book done at all (pesky nonlinear plots). Anyway, I'm saving it for after I've finished Trader's War (and maybe Defiant Peaks as finishing the Hadrumal Crisis is well overdue).

I've bought so many books over the last month or so I'm going to have to force myself to stop for a while just to catch up on my reading and I'm pondering doing a round up at the end of the year...

Oh and I've been listening to way too much Amanda Palmer:

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