Friday, 11 July 2014

Songs that Make me Smile

No real reason for this, just fancy doing it.

Professor Elemental: Cup of Brown Joy

Cup of Brown Joy is great - and it always makes me think of my friends Geof and Emma, who love tea as much as the Prof.

Mr B: Just Like a Chap

I love the juxtaposition at the heart of Chap Hop and Mr B is just stupendous.

Scary Bitches: Lycanthrope on the Bus

Scary Bitches aren't a huge band and only have a few videos. Sadly I couldn't find a video for this song - so only posted the link.

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing: Brunel

So raucous and unadulterated and fun.

Mitch Benn: Bouncy Druids

I love Mitch Benn at the best of times and this just makes me laugh.

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