Monday, 11 August 2014


This is a meme that's been bouncing about on social media sites a lot recently.

I decided I did not really care to drag it out over a month, and have opted to do the whole thing in one go.

1) Vampire the Masquerade
2) Vampire the Masquerade
3)  Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
4)  Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle
5)  Runequest
6) Mage the Ascension
7) Nobilis/Unknown Armies
8) Urgrim Thingrimson
9) Meh - none
10) Truth Until Paradox for Mage and Mindjammer
11) Over the Edge
12) Whispering Vault
13) Chapel, my first SLA Industries character who died from flipping a brick off a mine.
14) Mindjammer and Golden Sky Stories
15) an AD&D 'power paladins'
16) SHOCK a soft SF game
17) A FUDGE based game of Squirrel Assault Squad
18) Either Storyteller or BRP
19) I don't really read published adventures, but probably Tatters of the King for Call of Cthulhu
20) Call of Cthulhu/Vampire... if I'm still gaming
21) The Laundry Files
22) Blue Planet
23) Nobilis
24) Mutants and Masterminds (don't know why but I never grokked the system)
25) Um... Mage (though my wife says she wants to play)
26) Numenera
27) Changeling the Dreaming
28) The first Mage game I played, it crossed over with Books of Magic and we started as people about to Awaken on Halloween under a Harvest Moon.
29) The showdown with Skaven in the first WFRP 2nd edition campaign I played. That and fending off a troll singlehanded.
30) No idea...
31) Mage the Ascension

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