Friday, 6 May 2016


Five Friday Favourites is back, with five songs from the 1990s that I loved.

I started the decade as an Indie kid, loving the energy of that scene, if it can be described that way, really it was just pop music. It felt very different to the music of the 1980s though, perhaps inheriting some of the spirit of Goth. It's been said that when Goth vanished underground, the Metal scene adopted the look and the Indie scene the spirit of what was going on, I don't  know how true that is, after all I've always been a bit on the 'ostrogoth' sides of things, hiding away to read rather than going out to do stuff. I do know that in many ways the music to now is more cheeful than some of the Indie I listened to back then.

Kingmaker: Queen Jane

Radiohead: Creep 

Manic Street Preachers: Spectators of Suicide

Levellers: This Garden

The Wonder Stuff: The Size of a Cow

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