Monday, 2 July 2018

Monday Mosh Pit

Okay, yes I missed doing song stuff again... In truth the computer didn't get switched on all weekend and that's why. Plus, I'm feeling a little down about the world at the moment, having read some stuff about climate change and politics which makes things difficult. One of my values is that the world is important and that one of the responsibilities of a citizen is to be aware of what's going on (which has problems in the form of over exposure to 'truth' - though of course truth is subjective - and also brings up the issue of echo chambers and how we escape them), but the way the news is presented and the way things seem to be in our late Capitalist society leaves me wondering if there's any point in trying to stay kept up to date or if it's a case of 'too little too late, now you get to watch as 80% of the human race gets wiped out by climate change'.

Plus, I've been reading/writing stuff for Werewolf: the Apocalypse and that's probably not helping as it essentially presents a very pessimistic vision of the world (which I love but at the same time may not be the best thing for me). 

So today's music comes to you from that special place.

New Model Army: I Love the World

Fields of the Nephilim: Chord of Souls

Lacuna Coil: Angel's Punishment

My Chemical Romance: Sing

The Sex Pistols: God Save the Queen

Manic Street Preachers: Repeat UK

Explicit, just to warn you.

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