Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Grossed Out and Narked Off

I saw this on my friend Cara's blog ( and thought I'd throw together my own list. I'm not sure if these are things that really make me grossed out or just grumpy, but I think some of Cara's were possibly more in that vein than things that make her feel ill.

I've tried for nine, but in all honesty I found it a bit hard to get a full list, so I'm not sure what that says about me. So I ended up with 7.

1) Interrupting - This is something I just think is rude to be honest and it makes me really annoyed, especially if I'm trying to get a point across. There's a point where I just stop caring what the other person has to say because they can't actually give me the courtesy of letting me finish my sentence. This is one thing I like about media like email or letters, they allow me to say my piece and then respond to what other people say without being talked over and made to feel like my point was actually, uh, pointless.

2) Slugs - Oh I hate these things, I don't care if they're nature's marvels or the next species that'll ascend to top dog or whatever; they freak me out and make my skin crawl. I've had the misfortune to touch them in the past - usually by treading on them, though I did once manage to put my hand on one that was lingering on the clean crockery (yeuch).

3) "It's been done" - definitely one for the narked off box, the tendency of some people to dismiss stories and concepts as having been done before (with the inference being that you might as well not bother because what you're thinking about already exists). This misses the point of any creativity, which is to put forward something that exists from your perspective, which will render it different to what already exists by its very nature (if you do it right).

4) Political Tribalism - this might seem like an odd one but there's something about the 'true believer' that never fails to vex, especially if they won't even concede that there's an alternate point of view. This is annoying no matter what the other person's point of view is or their political, economic or social creed, because it's not about their creed but about their lack of willingness to listen and communicate.

5) 3D Cinema - Another strange one, but there's something about 3D that makes me feel ill a lot of the time.

Sorry, erm that's it. 

6) Zombies - Something I've grown to hate over the past few years. Partially this is because they've been everywhere and I'm tired of them and the memes they've gathered - the reality is that if zombies could exist (they can't by the way) the vast majority of us would not be tough little soldiers, we'd be dead. The other reason is that I can't quite shake the feeling that zombie fever is just another form of snobbery - nice middle class people don't turn zombies, only poor people do that. 

7) Medical Stuff - doesn't matter what it is really (though my levels of squeamishness vary vastly depending on what the medical thing is), by and large if there's a medical thing that's going on I'm likely to feel physically sick. I've always been wired like this, one of my memories of school is the world taking on a green tinge because we were learning about the respiratory system and I felt sick and wobbly. Later, when I started dating Eve we visited the Natural History Museum's human biology section and I had a similar episode when we got to the bit about the brain.


  1. You know Steve, this post has been done before ;-) I am with you on the slugs. Another Mum was telling me last night that her young daughter chewed up a slug and then spat it out on the carpet in bits! Bleurgh. I had to have a shower after I touched one while gardening!

  2. LOL, guilty as charged. I'm a shocking plagiarist (given that I even reference your post). :)

    Ew that's horrid, the worst of it for me is that the baby ones seem to get picked up by the cats on their coats and transported indoors, so we get them brought in that way as well as having them crawl through the gaps about the door (something that copper tape has sort of helped with but we still get them) *shudder*