Thursday, 21 April 2016

30 Blogs of Night: Columns

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Day 21

Just to blow my own trumpet for a second, here are links to the places I've guest blogged in the last couple of months.

First off I've cribbed a couple of pieces for Jed Phoenix, one on Gothic fashion in the mainstream, and the other on the book I want to write, looking at Goths and their stories as I travel a circuitous route about the UK, Europe, and America.

My Book

Goth in the Mainstream

I've also written a couple of introductions to two subcultures for Theresa Derwin, over at Terror Tree.

The first, Brassed Off, is an introduction to Steampunk, and I throw some of the things I'm concerned about into it. The second,Welcome to the Dark Side does the same with Goth.

Hope you enjoy them, and I feel I should say that I'm always happy to guest blog on appropriate sites... Rather good at being opinionated, truth be told.

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