Monday, 27 May 2013

Great Fire of London and Pandemic

Tonight's gaming was board gaming, as our Shadowrun GM wanted a week off to take stop after the first part of Harlequin, which we completed last week.

So we played Great Fire of London and Pandemic, and it was the first time I'd played either of them.

My initial thoughts on Great Fire of London are that it's a good game but a little difficult, with hard choices for the players. It felt very easy to lose your pieces to the blaze because it was very hard to be everywhere at once. I think you have to take the view you'll lose some buildings and hope for the best, though it was a little galling to lose one of the special buildings I had to protect in the first round, though I did feel a bit better when I used my last move in the game to destroy the last of the six point buildings.

Pandemic was a different kettle of fish, I'm not really sure I enjoyed it and can't put my finger on why. The game seemed a little pointless, and whilst I liked the co-op style of play. something about it just didn't sit right with me. I think the escalation might have been too fast and it felt a bit like there were no right decisions; we were screwed whatever we did. Even when we got a cure under our belt it felt a bit hollow, especially because the game ended right after as the pandemic track reached its end. Hopefully another game of it will be more fulfilling.

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