Monday, 13 May 2013

Immortal Kiss

Tonight's a busy one for me, I'm either gaming (playing an Ork Face in Shadowrun for those of you that follow such things... everyone else, don't worry it's a roleplaying thing) or writing short stories for a couple of anthologies I want to send stories to.

So in the grand tradition of UK children's television programme Blue Peter, 'here's something I prepared earlier' (did anyone actually believe that the presenter had had anything to do with preparing it?)

This is a vampire poem I wrote a long time ago (it's at least fifteen years old, probably older) and I've never done anything with. I don't consider myself to be much of a poet but I think it's okay.

Enjoy and I'll try to put together something more substantial tomorrow.

Immortal Kiss

I watch you across the room
Your face so filled with shade
Perfect, flawless
You’re everything man made
I watch you light a cigarette
Obscures your form in gloom
Vulnerable yet predatory
Freshly risen from your tomb
Come to me, I beseech you
Lead me from this shallow light
Ply my neck with tender kisses
Take me from this pallid life

Wrap me in honeyed shadow
To wash me quite away
Too cold to be living
Too fragile to flee the day
I watch you with a soft gaze
Awaiting your cool kiss
Like a wilting flower
Broken by the coldest mist
My heart beats too loudly
A loud monotone drum
That only knows one tune
And yet remains so numb

Enshroud me, rise above
I long for winter’s touch
To still this too warm flesh
That promises too much
For my tears are bloody
I hunger for sweet rest
To hide amongst my dreams
Within your cold caress
The world has worn shallow
Diseased, broken and thin
I’m lost within this storm
Please won’t you take me in?

I’m fallen, upon my knees
Give me to eternity
Break my limbs, set me free
Blind my eyes to help me see
The night’s frozen beauty
Framed in crystal lines
Turning all to statues
Into still life most divine
Drink of me, all bloody
Swallow down my life
Drown me in your kiss
Help me see your light

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