Friday, 17 June 2016

90s Goth

The 90s were when I became a Goth and in some ways, I prefer the music from that decade to the bands from the 1980s, partly because it feels less like there's a shadow of big bands like the Sisters of Mercy. I've tried to stick with 'pure' Goth rather than head off into the many distortions and new scenes that sprang up during the time, so while the first Goth tape (yes tape) I bought was Type O Negative's Bloody Kisses, I won't post them up here, and I'm afraid Paradise Lost's Draconian Times misses out too (never mind that those are albums, not tracks, but still).

Rosetta Stone: Eye for the Main Chance
Thumping, energetic and darkly passionate, this track makes me dance like a loon and grin like an idiot.

Die Laughing: Safe Little World
A sort of not All About Eve, All About Eve, Die Laughing are that weirdest of beasts, a Christain Goth group. That doesn't really matter to me that much, as their music is wonderful, and the lyrics have weight and pathos.

Voltaire: When You're Evil
Folky and darkly funny, When You're Evil was the first Voltaire track I heard and I still think it's wonderful. There's so much humour, of a dark variety, contained in the words, and the melody carries it forward with a quite unrelenting catchiness.

The Horattii: The Poisoner
A quirky piece, The Poisoner seems to have been written to tiptoe along your nerve endings, to provoke a reaction and send shivers down your spine. That's just the music, the lyrics are a weird sort of tableau, creeping along telling a tale of deception and murder.

It's great, and it remains one of my sorrows that the Horattii (which I never seem to stop misspelling)

Faithful Dawn: Neverwhere
A lovely song, albeit one of heartbreak and hiding from the world, It's possibly the most trad track on this list but it's brilliant nonetheless, infusing the lyrics with longing and a real sense of independence.

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