Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ultimate Dinner Party!

Back when I was doing the last lot of 30 Blogs, my friend Janie suggested this as a theme, and I didn't manage to do it. So, I thought I'd do it this time around.

Just to clarify a few things, first, the dishes I would cook all come from my favourite nerdy cookbook, the Werewolf the Apocalypse cookbook. That means the menu would most likely be Tricolour Peppers, Venison in Blackberry Sauce, and Breton Apple Pie (I might try making the Apocalypse Cheese Cake but as I don't like that dessert I wouldn't be able to vouch for how good it would be). I don't drink alcohol as it makes me maudlin (really its only use for me is cooking) and so I would have to ask my guests to bring their own bottles if they wanted wine or beer. Tea, coffee, juice and the like would all be on offer, though.

The other thing I'd like to say before we get into the choices is that this time, all my guests must be people living in the world today so I'll save plundering history for another time.

My first guest would be Neil Gaiman, the author, poet, and all-around good guy. I'm a huge fan of his and it would be great to have him there for the anecdotes and general conversation. I'm also a big fan of Amanda Palmer and since they're married it would be rude not to invite her too. I think they'd both be sparkling wits and scintillating conversationalists.

I'd also invite my friend Jed, and her partner Polly, because I don't see them enough and while I like them both (enough to call them friends) I don't feel I really know them. I'd like to spend more time with them, getting them to know them better and this seems like the perfect occasion.

Going back to authors, I'd invite Storm Constantine, in part because she's one of my spouse's heroes and I know she's a cat lover so Hobbes and Dita would probably get lots of attention. I'd also ask Adrian Tchaikovsky as he's a top bloke.

From the world of history (is that a thing?) I'd invite Bettany Hughes as she's someone I admire a great deal, and she makes history so interesting. Her work about the ancient world is amazing and she really does make it seem as if that world was fascinating.

Ian Marchant taught me at BCU and he's another person I admire a great deal. His books are so candid and interesting, and I truly want to follow in his footsteps in some respects, at least in the creation of travel writing that's truly off the beaten track. I hope he'd bring his friend Catherine Smith with him, a poet and author who's Heckmondwike never fails to make me laugh and who's funny and captivating.

After that, I don't know. I think I'd add my friends Emma and Alyssa because I love dearly and think the world of them.

That's ten... not sure I've got the space so I'd better leave it there.

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