Friday, 10 June 2016

FFF: 80s Goth Tracks

I thought I'd get back to the 80s today and to Goth. Today's 5 are all songs from that genre and that decade, but I've tried to avoid the big bands and focus on some of the groups that are perhaps not quite as well known.

Daniel Ash: Day Tripper

Cool and sophisticated, Ash's vocals are seductive and smooth while the backing has a melodic element that is sometimes missing from Goth music.

Love and Rockets: So Alive

Similar feelings and elements string through this song, it feels hushed and wistful, as song of longing and affirmation.

Christian Death: This is Heresy

Swinging completely the other way we have this track from the American band, Christian Death. I like the way it crawls along, building in intensity. There's an almost malicious feeling to it, which is actually quite, um, sexy,

March Violets: Snake Dance

And speaking of sexy, this song oozes sensuality and sexuality. In many ways, it sums up everything that Goth is about for me.

Killing Joke: A Love Like Blood

There are times when I'm not sure if this track is actually Goth, but I think it's close enough pass muster, even if only just. I like the lyrics a lot and the music swells beautifully.

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